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A woman’s hair! No no the African woman’s hair!!!!

Yes people, black is back! Many women today, loud and proud about our innate ‘kinky curly’ hair. I have to say I’m excited that people want to move on from the constant use of harmful chemicals and want to learn how to care for our hair.

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Following the recent hair trend, new discoveries have surfaced that will guide us in this afrocentered journey and encourage those who are still standing on their toes with this decision .

There are many reasons why the natural hair movement is a positive voice in our society;
  1. Natural hair is healthier so please skip out on those harmful chemicals that cause burns, brittle hair and eventually find a way to seep into your system.
  2. It saves a lot of money. Lol, I think we all need that right guys and girls too. Plus you don’t need a saloon to make your hair look fabulous.
  3. Natural hair is BEAUTIFUL
  4. Proud to be Black! Our hair is not naturally straight, it’s in full, thick and dense curls, it’s easy and its difficult and its perfect the way it is. I believe we should embrace it m love it and Let it FRO!

And there are so many more reasons along with some tips and guide’s coming up, to help you in this new phase to be an afrocentric flawless babe!

P.S; It requires time and patience but then again, it’s probably the same amount of time you spend at a saloon (with less fee ?)

 Afrocentric by

Dawn Ashiedu

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