An Open Letter To Those Angry At God

First thing I’d like you to know is; you are not alone. Even the best of believers go through this phase in life when they are angry at God. They feel hurt, cheated, and/or misunderstood. Maybe you lost a loved one or you’re battling with sickness or some other major challenge and you’re wondering “What kind of God would do this to His children…” and maybe you’ve even decided you’re done with God. You’re not alone.

Also, you’re in good company. The man described as one after God’s heart in the scriptures, David had his fair share of this. Psalm 13 was a cry for help. In David’s words, God had “forgotten”, “forsaken” him and he cried out.

Moses also, the great man of God who was going up the mounting gisting with God as you would with a friend. He got to a point when he felt he wasn’t treated right by God and he cried out: “Why have you brought this trouble on your servant? What have I done to displease you…?” (Numbers 11:11). Even Jesus on the cross was so burdened, He cried out: “Eli Eli lama sabacthani” meaning My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Now you see that you’re not alone and you’re in good company. Life hits us in different ways and sometimes, all we’re left with is unanswered questions and wonderings. In these times, I would like for us to remember a few things:

1. It is totally okay to have questions and cry out.

It’s totally fine to communicate with God and tell Him exactly how you feel, He sees your heart anyway. It is unhealthy for a Christian to harbour unanswered questions and bitterness. God is supposed to be your Father. Ideally, when a child feels wronged by his/her earthly father, the fellow doesn’t go about in bitterness. The fellow communicates. How much more our heavenly Father? Your feelings, concerns, and questions are all valid.

It is unhealthy for a Christian to harbour unanswered questions and bitterness. Click To Tweet

2. God isn’t the bad guy here.

Many times, the wickedness and unfairness we face are a creation of man and the world system, not God. God didn’t create evil. Man gave room for evil to exist when he fell in the beginning and the devil took advantage of that.

I mean, think about it – God didn’t send the bombers who kill people or the leaders who refuse to do right and then we suffer for it. God in his infinite mercy and wisdom has looked beyond all the challenges we face or will face and has said in John 16:33: “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

The fact that you are a Christian doesn’t mean you are immune to the challenges of life. Nevertheless, God assures us that in all that, we are more than conquerors. This should comfort you regardless of your challenges. Click To Tweet

3. God loves you and you can trust Him even when it doesn’t make sense.

I know, I know! It probably doesn’t seem like it now and you really don’t want to hear it right now but nothing is truer than this. Because of the love God has for us, He has given us victory even in the worst possible situation – death in the person of Jesus. While sickness may consume the body, Christ has your soul secure. Christ is our biggest gain, the highest form of inheritance there is. And God gave Him to us even when we were yet sinners – undeserving and totally ignorant of our need for a saviour (Romans 5:8) God’s love is not dependent on our challenges or situations. His love is constant.

4. God is good regardless.

You see the sun doesn’t rotate contrary to popular opinion. It is constant. What rotates is the earth. So even when it is night, it is not because the sun is gone, it is simply because of how the earth is positioned about the sun in that instant. In the same vein, we may go through things in life that makes it look like God is not a good God. But we need to settle this in our hearts – God is good, only and always. Just as we trust the sun to come out the next day and so we make plans around that, we also ought to trust in the goodness of God.

God is good, only and always. Click To Tweet

5. You are never too far gone.

God is always there to receive you. It doesn’t matter the silent treatments you have given Him or how long ago you spoke to Him, His arms are always open to receive Him.

Having known these, how then do you proceed when you are angry at God?

  • Be honest with God.
    Like David cried, out be honest and plain with Him. Don’t hide your feelings, He sees your heart anyway. Tell Him how you feel.
  • Allow yourself to heal.
    Don’t go about faking activities when your heart isn’t right with God. You deserve to take some time to actually get it right with God.
  • Do not run away from God.
    You see, Noah may have stumbled during the flood as the ark may have hit the rocks at different points but every time he fell, he fell in the ark. This is very significant. Remain in God. You may not get it or understand it now but do not flee from God. Whatever you do, however angry and disappointed you get, do not let your emotions and the situations you face drive a wedge between you and God.
  • Do not run away from God’s people.
    It is easier for a predator to attack a lone sheep than to attack anyone within the whole fold. It is easier for a piece of wood to go out of fire than when it is burning amongst other firewood. There is just something about community that preserves. This is God’s plan for every believer. Make sure you have believers around you that you can confide in about the true state of your heart when you are angry at God, people who would help you in your restoration journey.
  • Stay with Word.
    I know you’re wondering, “Do you know not these are the very things I am tired of?” Well, I know that but I also know that’s where your healing and comfort lies. So friend, even when you don’t get it, stay with the Word.
  • Count your blessings rather than dwell on the hurt.
    Remind yourself of God’s faithfulness.
Do not be like the Israelites who because of their want for meat forgot and lost faith in the God who parted the red sea. Click To Tweet
  • Re-direct your anger away from God.
    Remember, He is not the bad guy here. Choose to see life through the lens of God’s love.

I trust that this has blessed you. I’ll love to hear from you hear. What are your thoughts on this? Have you been angry with God before? What did you do?

The Christian’s Guideline to Coming Back to God

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