4 + 1 Apps That Would Transform Your Christian Life

I was recently thinking to myself how my smartphone is like the closest element to me on this earth. I can not imagine leaving the house for a whole day without my phone.

Honestly, this has both pros and cons. Recently, I did an audit of some sort of my time, and people of God, the amount of time I spend on social media is crippling. This is because I really just scroll mindlessly on Instagram, Twitter and the rest whenever I’ve got any spare time. You know how the gists never end on these apps.

Then, I decided to take control of my time and be more productive. In the course of this, I came across awesome apps. Truly, I may not be able to totally separate myself from my mobile because on it is built part of my work, business and relationships. So I ensured that while on the mobile, I find ways to edify myself.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it! 4+1 Apps That Would Transform Your Christian Life;

1. YouVersion!

This has been a very useful app for me on my Christian journey. It has the Bible in different versions that you can choose to read or listen to, you can also highlight and share bible verses. Also, you have the Bible in different forms. It also has different bible plans – a lot of them are short say 5 days so it is not overwhelming at all. You can even set reminders! These bible plans or devotional take you through a certain topic or bible segment day after day and it is just so beautiful. It also has a community effect, so you can explore a plan with your friends or choose to do it privately. I recommend it!

Visit –

2. Podcast Apps

Podcasts are an awesome way the gospel of Christ is spreading through the world. You can listen to renowned Bible teachers and preachers on here. A few of my favourites are Anchor, SoundCloud and CastBox.There are loads of others you can also use. Asides, podcasts, you can also download messages from your church’s website and replay during the week and even beyond. This helps you stay connected. When you are always listening to God’s words, it is easier for you to walk in the Spirit

3. K-Love

K-Love is a contemporary Christian music radio station. Though located in the US, it has internet radio and an app also. This is one great way to keep up with Christian jams. If you are a music lover like me, this is a great chance to enjoy good music and also stay edified.

Visit –

4. PureFlix

You would agree with me that there is a lot of unwhole content on the TV these days. And it is our responsibility as believers to guard our hearts and watch what we watch. PureFlix is like NetFlix but only for Christian movies. You can watch wholesome, entertaining movies anywhere and anytime.

Visit –

5. Covenant Eyes

Finally, this one was told to me by a friend. When I checked it out, I was very wowed – how technology can be used to stay on course as a believer. Covenant Eyes helps support people battling with pornography. It supports your accountability relationships so it monitors where you go online and a list of tempting stuffs is sent in an accountability report to a trusted person. This helps you to be more accountable on your journey. It can also be used to block tempting sites. It can do this across all your devices.

Visit –

It is beautiful how Technology is helping us become better as Christians. I have resolved to make good use of my devices and ensure they edify me.

Please share of other Christian Apps you know of. I definitely have space for some more!

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