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When I look around and I see a pregnant woman, I feel the load of responsibility she has to deal with. A journey of 9 months to create a life, a being, a living soul. Imagine the smile on the mothers face the moment she hears the cry of her baby in the delivery room, imagine the joy in the father’s heart when he walks into that maternity room to see his new born child!

Many times I am puzzled when I read stories of scientist hoping someday, they would be able to create a live human, I hear on the news how some other robotics engineers want to replace humans with machines, and I ask myself:
1. Can you replace the love of a mother and child with robots?
2. Can those robots feel the emotions of a human?
3. Can those robots make you feel loved?
4. Guys, it’s almost Valentina’s day, can you ask that robot out, take it to the movies and the eatery?
Oh yeah, now we see the essence of mothers, they bring to life and replenish the earth.
In the beginning, God had a reason for giving Eve the ability to make children. And it’s for this special reason, I celebrate all girls, ladies, women and mothers all around the world. And my special regards to the pregnant woman, I wish you a safe delivery.

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