I am tragic, our feelings costly.

You’ve walked this path for thousands of years, wanting me, waiting for me.

We are meant to be, yet I am undeserving.

I demand your very life yet you laid it before the first word was uttered.

I run, hard and fast trying to get away, but you pursue and catch me every time.

I am promiscuous, dancing with the enemy, the darkness calls to me, I play a dangerous game teasing it. So you pour out your light bathing me in sunshine drawing me back to you. Showering me with tenderness.

And yet I still push you away.

I am dripping in crimson rivulets.

The price you paid, the ultimatum given you, the ridges cut into your back a reward of my transgressions,

39 you wore proudly

Promising to do it all over again.

I betrayed you, sold you out to the wolves so you went for the grand gesture.

You spread your hands wide open, welcoming me with each palm sporting a nail driven through it.

Your feet pierced

Your head a crown of thorns.

Dying for a love yet to meet you.

You gave me honor, sacrifice, glory.

You gave me love soaked in your blood.

Sunesis Kafang is a graduate of Building Technology and a Covenant University alumni. You can find me blogging and writing stories and poetry all day every day. I live and breathe words. It is my passion and what I love to do and I am grateful to God for this medium of expression and ministry. I am a young wife who is learning daily and encouraging others like me too. I have projects in place that will take off this May in regards to this. You can find more on this on my social media platforms.

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