Before He showed up,

Uncle John in his book of the gospel told me,

“The one who is coming for you has had you prayed for”

What a lover,

Rendering supplications without having my yes?

“That when you believe Him to give a yes,

You may become one with the Father,

The supreme one who has sent Him,

That the glory given unto Him,

By the Creator of the Heaven and earth,

The same glory be unto you,

That where He is,

You will also be”

If only He knew who I was,

I continued,

If only He knew I was one born of sin,

One born into sin,

The sinner without prayer and help,

With hasty legs that go nowhere,

For I was cursed,

Cursed never to dream or see the light.

If only He knew I was made to break promises,

To betray and be nothing but evil,

That sin was all that I would be.

If only He knew,

Maybe, just maybe,

He would hold on to His deific nature,

To being Saviour to humanity unworthy,

Facing condemnation and shame for man’s sake,

With scourging crown of thorns that are nowhere near His Glory,

If only He knew,

He would have turned down the Father’s offer,

To have more sons in the kingdom.

Now He is here,

Hearing my story,

“I do not know what you say,

For my love keeps record of no wrong”

He replied.

Whether or not we receive Him,

He stretched out His hands first,

Hanging on the cross that we be called blessed.

This is His love,

A love that makes free,

A love I now call mine.

I said yes,

He chose me first.

I’m the first of five children. I am very much optimistic, I enjoy traveling, cycling, football…almost any sport. I love taking pictures of kids out to play, especially in rural areas, hearing their stories, having reasons to smile together with them, and be happy.

When I’m not out to play, I stay in quiet places, writing, reading, meditating or listening to music with cool lyrics that help me write pieces I think are beautiful. I’m a playful scribbler, I’ll scribble on anything, put down everything I hear, the ones I can. I’m a zoology student, a lover of fishes, hoping to pursue my EIA career after university, have a vocational centre… I love all DIY stuffs.

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