Hair, check! Nails, check! Face, check! Dress, check! Shoes, check!

Flat or heels, now you look good right?!

Thank you!

You just succeeded in doing all you can to get His atTENion by observing the TEN commandments since your youth.

Now you walk on the road and wonder why they turn to look at your backside, I mean your past.

You’re ashamed that the things you’ve covered up might be shown in public. All the pimples on your face hidden under the concealer.

So much makeup but not of your mind because metics is all you know.

All these things to get HIS approval and at the same time wanting to be accepted for who you are. His approval, his approval, his approval, his approval, etc.

They are 10 now and you don’t know who the next h(is).

You’re not pregnant yet because you’ve been playing safe. You’re saving all the money they gave you to get more fig leaves to cover yourself.

The emptiness is overwhelming, someone has to fill it. Do you feel it in your spirit? That milk, you spilt it? Quit looking for filthy rags to clean it. A righteousness that is earned from the safe you’re saving with.

Before I get to the point where I mention your saviour, hope you get my point? Please do me a favour. Stop crying over spilt milk, a land flowing with milk and honey is the hope.

We are a city on a hill, but we prefer being on a heel.

We cannot be hidden, but we prefer to be ridden.

Females as the bride of Christ, prostitutes before we met Him. Wayward but not moving in the direction of the Way.
City on a heel, or city on a hill! Which is real? Identity Cry(sis) and the tears can’t stop flowing.

We look up to the heel to stop the tears from destroying the makeup. Now you wonder where he’s gone, after the breakup.

He did leave, but look right, HE never left. He’s right and like the bell, He’s never wrong.
Why Or U might just be YOU. But the person I’m talking about is me.

I was a prostitute sleeping with all of the men that wanted to. Dressed to get your money. I misled you to think I was beautiful outwardly only, didn’t let you see my heart because I was scared you would break it. My spirit!!!!!!
I put a lot of foundation to cover the wrinkles, but if the foundation is destroyed, what would I do?

I spend time building myself only to realize that it’s vain. The wind came and blew it away, my head is down in disdain.

My head! I’m created in your image, I’m exactly what you see in your mirror but I cover my face with a mask like Zorro.

I look today to see what I look like but forget after tomorrow.

Lord, I don’t even know that you are the one I’m to run to. I hear about you and I do not know what to expect.

But deep inside my heart, I’m yearning for acceptance. Every form of rejection sends me into oblivion.

As a lady, I desire attention, quality time. gifts, approval and words of affirmation.

I hear there’s someone who died to give all.

He is the bridegroom I’m the bride to; the saviour of the whole world; he does not condemn me; he’s coming to get me, and His name is Jesus!



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