You like it, don’t you?

Those little jabs at my heart;

And sobs

As I walk away because once again you’ve made me cry

By your actions

Or your failure to act

Every day you tell me you love me

Your words are like sand poured into my ears

You tell me to feel the depth of your love for me

But I am here in pain.

You said you are in love with me.

Please love me less.

Your quick exits through and fro my heart.

The intermittent halts at where the bus stops.

Leaves me feeling vertigo.

Like I’m about to fall from a skyscraper

You love comes with no guarantee

Just a good old “return if it’s not working” policy

Our few moments of bliss is

Interwoven with moments of grief.


 I need none of this elixir.

You call it love,

My life laid out on an altar

You call it sacrifice, or compromise

Your favourite words.

No butterfly in my belly

No delight,

Just fright,

That soon you would take the freight

And leave me to die

Because you and I have become one.

Cut myself in half and I joined her to you.

A most ghastly connection.

Very soon they would be an eruption.

Then I would have to limp around with half myself.

Iwalaiye Temitope Ruth©


My name is Temitope Iwalaiye Ruth. I am a 500 level student of Law at the University of Ibadan. When I’m not in school, I’m at Lokoja, Kogi State with my family. I used to love a lot more things when I was younger, probably because I had more time. Somehow my life got streamlined to school, church and hours spent worrying. I love reading and writing too but I don’t do it as often as I should.

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