Little transparent droplets
Tore the curtain that
Stood between us
Little red droplets broke
The powers that separated us.

What a beautiful sight to behold
If only I were there
Yet…thousand years have passed
And I’m drawn to a love so consuming.

If I were to calculate the distance
Then it will be immeasurable
Yet,  if I were to put a measure to your red stained love
Immeasurable still, it is.

How bloody
Beautiful bloody
That tells the story of
A sacrifice.

Yes, pierced
Yes, bruised
Yes, You bled
Yes, the tears.

But no!
Oh heavens no!
The nails did not keep You on the cross
Love did
The sweet sacrifice
The sweet smelling savor
That made a Father turn His face
And look upon me,
A worthless sinner with love.

Hey guys! I’m Solaja Ayomide, a graduate of English from Redeemer’s University. I’m a Jesus lover, a fun person, but also very annoying lol. I’m also an eko kopa (Lagos Corper) There’s nothing much to say about myself except that I pretty much enjoy writing – poems, sings, stories, articles…I just love writing. For me it’s an escape route from all the craziness of reality…it’s also the first thing I run to when I’m going through stuff and can’t bring myself to tell anyone. Basically I guess what I’m trying to say is writing keeps me sane. 

IG: @ayomide_solaja

SC: Ayma G