Somewhere far away on a dusty plain, you found me,
Bound, beaten and battered and warped in my own ways, you chose to set me free.
I never wanted you; I pushed you away and tried to hide from your voice,
But still, you inched closer and closer whispering to my cold heart yet still above the noise.
This manner of love so incomprehensible; an affection so divine and infallible,
The kind I thought was non-existent; if it were, I deemed it gullible.
You told me you loved me and I laughed at it, no, forgive me, scoffed at it
Cause like a horse, down this weary world, one too many times I’ve swallowed that same bit.
Friends who deceive and lovers who eventually betray,
Associations that get toxic and relationships that become a disgrace.
But at the door of my wandering heart; you persisted with a knock,
Inviting me to build an intimacy on the most solid rock.
You held me close on those days I told you I wasn’t good enough; my tears staining your
You told me you loved me anyway and would protect me from past shames and future
I really don’t know what love looks like or what it seems to be;
But yours sure does makes me pure and whole and makes my fears recede.
Maybe it is blue like the skies overhead; the home for all the fluttering wings,
But then again, blue is the colour of a million and one things.
I then fixed my eyes on red, its sheer crimsonness and audacity that makes it every lover’s anthem,
But it’s the same kind of love the world celebrates which finally wears out and becomes a problem.
I am no renowned orator neither can I skill powerful words between my fingers,
But one thing I can do is to tell everyone the potency of your love which lingers,
That Christ died to show me what true and perfect love really means
And no colour on this fragile earth can truly describe the kind of love that is only His

Akinwande Onadeko is a lover and a believer of words (as well as a huge foodie). He is a great enthusiast of reading, music, and movies. He has written several short stories that can be found on the Art of Ade’s blog as well as on his own personal blog:

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