The most misunderstood term unknown to man. The many definitions it has been likened to has left it dumbfounded. It offers what it can and takes what belongs to it. Who has ever understood its true colour?
I wonder if RED best describes its true worth. Is Love happy to be depicted by such? We all know the colour RED depicts danger. RED is pain. The colour of BLOOD. RED is usually scary. It begs the question, is LOVE hate or love itself?
Who then understands its true meaning? What’s the best colour that describes it?
Somehow, the resilient thought of LOVE being painful comes to MIND. It comes with its sweet sting and bites deep leaving its scar as a mark of remembrance. Its doors are shut because of its toxic effect. Sweet memories become ruined and a pleasant relationship turns into a strained conversation. Goodbye was never meant to be the watchword but now it becomes the recurring effect of an almost boring tale.
How do we tell the tale of LOVE? How do we paint it to be named the COLOUR OF LOVE? How do we embrace it to avoid its rudeness and undeserved aftermath?
On the flipside of brightness, LOVE conquers all odds. Its invigorating strength is so infectious. Its Adrenaline is next to known and it springs forth new shoots. For me, the colour of love is when the child on the street is taken back to school. The colour of love is when the residents under the bridges are given homes to live in or provided with mosquito nets/ blankets to wade off the unwelcomed insect and cold. The colour of love is when the newborn babe is embraced rather than left at the side of rubrics. The colour of Love exudes when we share with those that have blank spaces on their Food Schedule.
When the hungry and thirsty beggar is equipped with a skill rather than die by the roadside and more still train his offspring in the art of begging. The colour of Love is truly depicted in giving to those that can not pay back. The list is unending. The colour of Love resides in them. Their pale faces beam with a glowing flame of Joy. That is the true Colour of Love.
Truly, Love’s colour is depicted in the art rather than its description…..
I Love You!!
Stephanie is a lawyer, a writer and an enthusiast for challenging fields. She hails from Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu State. She recently obtained a degree in Law from the University of Nigeria and has just been called to Bar.  She is a strong believer of faith. She loves volunteering. 
Away from law practice, Stephanie loves dancing, travelling, listening to music, meeting people, watching movies, reading and playing table tennis (amateur stage). 

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