Being in Love is Never Enough: A Personal Opinion

“But we love each other.” This is usually the default response from people who has been given reasons why their relationship might not work or reasons shouldn’t they date a particular person.

Being in love is indeed a powerful force but it can be expressed as a fickle feeling towards things and people. For example, it’s pretty easy to be attracted to a nice smile or beautiful voice. Different things can attract us to someone but how long can it sustain the relationship?

If it was ever enough, how do we explain the countless couples in therapy, due to a failing marriage, who claim to love each other? What about divorced couples who still care for each other? Love alone is never enough.

To make a relationship work, crucial values such as communication, respect, humility and commitment are important than just being in love.

A successful relationship/marriage is based on other factors. Just like a human being cannot live by just breathing in oxygen, you need to eat food, drink water and the likes. In this light, there are other things that are very important in our relationships than simply being in love.

Do you agree? Please comment below.

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