“No matter how hot your temper is it can’t boil yam”. I heard someone read this to her friend one afternoon, it’s funny but true.

Is it not funny how we boast of things that either harm us or profit us nothing, things that leave us worse than it met us. I’ve never been happy or been at peace being angry, I just can’t. Haaa! It gives me a headache and renders me practically unproductive all through the span of the anger. Ok! I know I’m talking about myself but I feel it’s the same for every “normal human being”.

Why spend out of precious but limited resources to satisfy someone else’s stupidity or ignorance. It is only stupidity that encourages you to hold on to things that hurt you.

Let me propose a better use of that heat, a more productive course. Have you considered channelling your anger towards the hungry children in Sudan or Somalia, or a form of art like poetry, or like some friends suggested, run few laps or lift some weight, it might just help to keep in shape ;). Put the heat of your temper to a productive use or better still do nothing. Remember it is the same fire that refines gold that razes a whole neighbourhood. It is just the application.

Or you can just empty your account to buy me a gift for my birthday, that will be an awesome way to maximize your anger 😉 Just kidding.

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Tolulope Oludapo is a young Christian who lends his voice through the media by sharing practical wisdom for everyday living in the most experiential and simplified fashion. This has fetched him the direct followership of over 30,000 users on his blog, A blog he founded. He loves to write on varying subjects that affect life, faith, relationship...everyday living.
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