Jewelry Around Burmese Woman's (Karen) NeckGone are the days when wisdom was held in high esteem. Men cherished wisdom, they would go any length to acquire sound judgment, would pay anything to learn common sense.
Man was measured by how much he knew and how well he could conduct himself among others, how well he could make his vast knowledge useful for himself and others, and how much his wealth influenced his community.
The celebrities then were Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, C S Lewis, Mozart, Michael Angelo and the likes but all that is left of this age are just the “empty noises” and “once upon a times”
Wisdom doesn’t seem to pay anymore. It lies on the mart shelf covered in dust, it hardly gets anyone to check it out, its section in the mall is hardly tread, as against its “popular ally” called folly.
We follow shallow people who lead us to our personal ruin ….All for what? Fame? Turn ups? Dropping it like its hot sessions?
The fact that someone wears so many golden neck chains, posts pictures of a nice car on twitter and releases a noise-full album doesn’t make him a true role model. The fact that the whole country falls for his craze and of course he becomes the first choice of who to bring up to the show doesn’t make him worthy to lecture youths on how to live their lives. We care less about the content of the message as long as it sells in the market? Folly.
These people are supposed to be our celebrities, but they take their battles to the street, measuring themselves with broken scales, how wise.
We can afford the cost of sitting all night laughing at some bunch of jokes and acts. However, none that will add the tiniest value to our lives. The church which is free gets our attention only on “a special occasion basis”, new year’s eve and funerals.
The scholars complain that this generation doesn’t read anymore and that the rate of intelligence is declining by the day. You don’t need to ask why. I recently saw a joke about a boy that led his “Football Manager’s” team to victory in all leagues but failed all his papers – Folly.

Is it not folly to spend money on that which is not bread and your labour on what does not satisfy? You answer.
Is it not folly to leave the real untouched and start chasing shadows?
Isn’t it folly to leave the old and tested way for a newly crafted way that has seen all her sojourners into death?
Is it not folly to love folly over wisdom?
Is it not folly to define folly by personal standards?

Here is a picture of someone’s folly being rebuked “You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked”. Rev 3:17
If you lavish in your sin, choosing boundless freedom over the narrow path, you will be like a pig who thinks the filthy mud is luxury, and like a farm animal being fed for the day of slaughter. A fool. Why choose to live in sin when you have a savior friend who paid it all with His life, asking you to take it all free by just repenting and believing?
Brag on about your folly; the doomsday is near!

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