“Business is Business.” Is This Really True?

Business is business,” say a number of entrepreneurs when they want to justify their reasons for ripping their clients off. I understand that having a profitable enterprise in some parts of the world can be difficult because of a number of reasons.

Perhaps, this is why some entrepreneurs are tempted to make their enterprise grow via dubious means. However, as Christians, we know that Christ should be reflected in ALL we do. This includes how we go about our work.

Based on this knowing, how can a Christian entrepreneur avoid the temptation of ripping people off ? This is an important discussion because of our faith does not permit us to act unrighteous, even in business matters.

Hence, we must have this discussion. So please, feel free to give your opinions in the comment section. Scriptural references are most welcome! We are looking forward to your comments. You can give examples or even personal experiences. Just don’t hold anything back!

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