Can I Be Married Already?!

Can I be married already is a question many singles ask themselves, God and probably the universe.

Let’s Do A BackTrack

One of the toughest places to be is, single, Nigerian, working class, and Christian. A spirit-filled, tongue talking Christian sister, yet the husband cannot find you. But left right and center your friends, colleagues, acquaintance are in relationships, getting engaged and getting married.

Are God’s Promises For Me?

You begin to question your faith, and others help you too. If your family is not taking it, you know you are in for it. Then the extended family, workplace Uncles & Aunties who all have a good explanation for why you are still single will not let you be.

In the midst of this chaos, you desire to be married, it is a prayer you wish God should speedily answer, but somehow the brother hasn’t located you yet.

And I Can Read For Africa

And as a book reading Christian, you have read loads of Christian books, which have been enlightening but somehow hasn’t addressed your issue.

Not to worry sweetheart, I am there and totally get you. And the good news is, there are more of us than less, and in God’s beautiful time, you will be happily married.

Meanwhile, I would love for you to read a book titled ‘Can I Be Married Already?’ by Ifeoma Nkem-Gbemudu

You can click here to read the first chapter of the book for free

Why Should You?

It’s a very funny and interesting book

You know that point in your life when you begin to laugh at your problems right, so this book makes you see the laughable side of being Single, Christian, Nigerian and probably working. It also keeps you glued to the pages, even if you are like some of my friends who claim reading is not for them. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to drop this book.

The Depth is mind blowing

One thing that captivated me while reading this book is the quality of the content. The wisdom with which the author communicated the message is applaudable. Lets’ say she did her homework well, to serve us just want every single girl needs to know.

It’s a Woman, Man Book

You would think the book was written just for women the way I have been going on and on about it. Actually, it is a unisex book. Unisex saloon? Yap. And that’s another aspect to this book, as much as I personalized it to my experience as a single girl, the book also addresses the concerns of our brothers too. You think it is only women that are concerned about marrying Mr Right, wait till you meet the brother that has married Mrs Wrong.

You can click here for the first chapter of the book and pre-order to get the book as soon as it lands

And Sex Will Make More Sense To You

Have you been in a youth or singles programme and then one brother or sister would ask “how far is too far”? Ify addresses the issue of intimacy with scriptures to back it up. God is the creator of sex, and he called it beautiful but it is beautiful for a certain time and place.

God is the creator of sex, and he called it beautiful but it is beautiful for a certain time and place. Click To Tweet

The author delves deeply into the reasons why God’s timing is the right timing.

This single phase should make sense

I remember the hypertension I was developing when I was getting to my late twenties. The fear, anxiety and what have you that creeps in to steal the joy and liberty that being single affords us. Ify deliberately takes the reader (you & I) through the beauty of this phase.

The author is single like us

You know how Oyibo people will just sit in their countries and be dishing out solutions to African problems which they know nothing about. And of course, the solutions fail because they don’t have the true picture.

Don’t forget to click here for the first free chapter of the book

The author of this book is a single who totally gets it. She understands the journey of the Single, Christian, Working Class Nigerian lady.

You need to read this book, and also tell others about it, because Can I be Married Already is a question we all need answers to. And Ifeoma did an awesome job to help us see clearly.

Just incase you haven’t gotten the free chapter, please click here

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