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The Boy Who Screamed

If you’ve ever borrowed anything, you know how a colleague’s notebook can become more important than your favourite dress when it comes to safeguarding. It’s simple: Whatever was borrowed must be returned in one piece, either to maintain your reputation or to secure your borrowing source so that there will be a next time.
A salient lesson from a short story.


Joseph Adedeji #BloodyLove

Bloody Love And Cain rose up against his brother and killed him. – Moses His brain whirred, shocked by the collision of his skull with the rock. Just a few minutes before he had been


Secured – Esther Amah #BloodyLove

….with tears in his eyes and the most genuine smile anyone could muster…standing on the pieces of the broken glass…he turned and said; “Grace, I love you, always have, always will….so find strength in this…please



Rough, shapeless, not a beauty to look upon. Yet in the midst of the mud I hear a soft soothing voice say to me, “you will be that little piece needed to complete the stone


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