Challenge the Normal – The Journey to Significance

Boy dressed up as flying bird --- Image by © Leander Baerenz

Boy dressed up as flying bird — Image by © Leander Baerenz

 “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” Maya Angelo
Hello Friends! Welcome to a new week. In Today’s post, we’ll be charged on challenging the normal.

What is Normal?

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what this “Normal” means?

Normal is conforming to a standard which is usual, typical, expected and predictable.

Normality tends to be seen as good and desirable by society, while abnormality may be judged as bad or undesirable. Abnormality in itself is good when it tends towards the positive. Therefore, someone being called “normal” or “abnormal” can have vast social ramifications.
Although it is difficult to define normality, the field of psychology has sought to develop a standard set of guidelines to distinguish between normality and abnormality. Normality is a paved road, comfortable and easy to walk on, but no flowers can grow on it.
In achieving significance, the normal has to be challenged. People who are opened to new ideas are more effective than leaders who close off new information or approaches. In most businesses, the status quo i.e “The Normal” is to keep individuals who produce financially even when they violate corporate values. In some countries, the normal is to hold to high esteem corrupt practices and unethical behaviors. People, who challenge that and try to put a stop to it, gain the respect of others. And this is true leadership.
“We have always done it this way” is the mantra of the Normal people who are supposed to be leaders. Status quo leadership is more driven by the need to keep an intact ego than for the good of the organization. If you are not driving change you are not leading but managing. There is nothing wrong with managing per se. but when you challenge the status quo, you are putting all the necessary skills together to be able to see and monitor trends that are developing inside and outside the organization and forecasting their impact. This involves some degree of imaginative thinking and intuition.

       “The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it” –Warren Bennis

          “The manager accepts the normal, the leader challenges it.”- Darakunle

To move from mediocrity to greatness and achieve significance, we must venture out, we must take a strong stand, and we must create something meaningful and different.
Nothing great is ever achieved by doing things the way they have always been done.
When we challenge the normal, we test our skills and we challenge ourselves.
We are not here to stay content and live within our comfort zones; we are here to do better. The gift of life is to make a difference, and the call of significance is for us to stretch towards excellence.
We have an obligation to challenge the Normal.
After challenging the Normal, ensure you learn from it, ensure you can point at what you did differently, what went wrong, what went right and what you could have done better.
Don’t challenge for challenge’s sake; learn from the experience.
Times are changing; tomorrow’s environment will be different and rich with possibilities for those who are prepared to make a difference.

Don’t be afraid to fail, Challenge the Normal.

Normal is Boring.


Have a great week.

God Bless you.

Oluwadara Adekunle


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