Hands gesturing thumbs up and down in form of thought bubbleEveryone today is seeking for “common ground” between two extremes. No one wants their principles or beliefs falsified. Still, we will never bow down to another man’s opinion. So the need for a common ground comes in handy. Ever wonder the reason for so many hybrids? Someone got tired of the original version or wanted more from the “originals”.
This orange is sweet, the other is juicy, and the other is big. Why not bring them all into one hybrid version/ Where can you get all in one package?
Have you heard of the “Queen James version of the Bible”? It is a bible for the gay. Where all the passages about “Homosexuality” is rephrased/reformed in a way that makes it an act to be tolerated.
Most times a “but what if” follows a truth, law or principle. It’s a question searching for a common ground between its opposing ends. You say “Fornication is wrong, but what if you both love each other and plan to get married someday? Maybe it’s not so bad”. “Abortion is bad, but what if the father is not taking responsibility or it came unexpectedly”, and those other “What Ifs”.
Does the Bible give room for its truth to be argued or judged based on human perspective or cultural differences due to the timeline from when it was written and now? Can other writings explain, define or give meanings to the bible or is it independent of any man’s opinion?
The Word of God gives no room for common ground, Jesus has clearly shown us in the analysis of man’s heart all the kinds of ground and only one of all of them was good; this is that ground, which yields to God’s word, one that his unadulterated word takes root in, broken and contrite ground. All other ground that maintains thorny, stony and shallow views and relations with the world will end up having it taken from them, trampled upon and choked up. This is the nature of the hearts of men today who attempt to find common ground between their shallow and carnal thoughts of what they feel the word is saying born out of stony hearts that love their sin and resist the transforming power of the Word and end up having it scorched and choked by sinful and worldly desire.
All these hearts today never necessarily reject the faith out rightly (for the shame of being called an unbeliever) because in many circles especially Nigerian it is fashionable to believe in something so they rather will make attempt to make the word adjust or conform to their sinful stand points and positions on supposedly “controversial” issues (like homosexuality, masturbation, use of substance, pre-marital sex) which refuse to give up and the occurrence of thus gives birth to appalling fruit such as the above queen James bible  or the Hyper grace message. There is only one ground, His name is Jesus Christ and he is far from common; far from mixture, he is Holy and separate and he has presented to us his standards and terms of salvation. All other ground, especially common ground is sinking sand, and below the sinking sand lies everlasting fire.
common-ground (1)
It is unfortunate that unsaved nominal Christians fail to see that the Word and the World do not mix and if they ever meet it is either for the salvation of the world by receiving the Word or for the condemnation of it for rejecting the word.
A glass of Water with a little rat poison is no longer water no matter how clear the water is; it immediately acquires fatal status, capable of resulting in one thing, death.

Biblical truths hold no common ground, you are either on one side of the divide or the other. Following the teachings of the bible might be hard, they might be culturally unacceptable in this 21st century but they are in no way less valid.The common ground is as good as the wrong side.

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Tee Abraham

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