Divine Intervention in Academic Studies – A Christian Guide to Academic Success

Image by © Nathan Benn/Ottochrome/Corbis

Image by © Nathan Benn/Ottochrome/Corbis

Do miracles affect academics?
If I’m to give a straight answer, the answer will be a yes. God does miracles and it is not limited to just health or finances or another aspect of life, miracles can occur in any and every aspect of life.
But I believe the right right question most christian students will want to ask is- Do prayers, anointing oil, mantle, laying on of hands influence/determine academic excellence?
I’ll like you to answer the question yourself. Look back at your academic journey and see a common denominator of all the Ace students you came across, it is definitely not prayer or anointing oil.
The way you don’t stay alive by miracle when you don’t eat and take care of your body is synonymous to what  preparation is to academic success.

Miracle isn’t a substitute or quick fix for academic success, preparation is.

The person you think is succeeding stress-free is actually working hard to achieve that stress-free success. How do I mean? He might not stack five text books and burn the midnight oil like every other student- but while others were playing and dozing during lectures, he was paying attention and taking notes, and revising each lecture day after day.
I feel it’s very necessary to put in proper context some scriptures that have been turned into magic wands for academic exploits.

1. Prov 10:7 – The memory of the just is blessed

This verse was talking about the memory/remembrance of a righteous person. Meaning people speak well of someone who lived a godly life as compared to the way no one name their children ‘Judas’.
This verse has nothing to do with academics or success.

2. 1 Cor 2:16 – “For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ.

This verse is referring to discerning and understanding God’s ultimate plan in Christ and for salvation, just like it was revealed to the apostles by the spirit- a revelation that can’t be known naturally or found out in books, but must be revealed by the spirit.
This also has nothing to do with academics.

3. John 14:26 – But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

The primary role of the Holy Spirit is to explain to the disciples what Jesus told them (likewise us) , and bring the same to our remembrance.
Can He remind us of lectures and academic related stuffs? Yes He can.
I know a friend who having had a tough academic record, had a dream prior to a test where he was shown the question that would come out and lo and behold, the exact same thing came out. Instead of him to take this as an opportunity to sit up and make up for the forth coming exam, he was expecting the same miracle. L o and behold, he failed because God does not condone laziness.
Solomon implored the lazy to learn from the ants that store up their food in summer, so that they will have abundant in winter when they won’t be able to come out to gather.
The same goes for academic success. It’s God that feeds the sparrow as they don’t plow or plant. And it’s God that will feed us as well (referring to academics now). But the sparrows don’t just open their mouth to the sky and have food drop into it by miracle.
There is no perfect way to close this post than to give you the christian guide to academics success. (Added by Ajayi Adebayo)
This is a period that most students become very anxious. As a child of God, you are created to bring glory to God in all you do… so this period should be an opportunity for you to show the world that you have the mind of Christ.
Conscious competence is a crucial requirement if you want to succeed.
Your Part to Play
Most Christian students are fond of giving excuses such as ‘God understands that I am very busy’.

  • Zig Ziglar “Put all excuses aside and remember that you are capable”
  • Don Wilder “Excuses are the nails used to construct a house of failures”
  • “Every word of God concerning us is a promise, it is when we fulfill our part that it becomes a covenant binding on God”.
The following will guide you during your exam

1. Work

John 9:4, prov 13:4, 2 Thes 3:10, prov 14:23, prov 22:29
Every diligent man (not just diligent believer) has the opportunity to succeed

2. Right Association

1 Sam 10:10 ( Saul was not a prophet, but when he was among the prophets, he prophesied)
Your association to a large extent influences your action

3. Be unconditionally Spiritual

God is not an ATM MACHINE. Don’t be extra-ordinarily spiritual because you are having tests or exams. God knows your thoughts and judges your motives. ( 2 chron 25:2 )
….During exam period, believers cut down their spiritual life while the unbelievers begin to move closer to God.

4. Humility ( James 4:6 )

God’s plan for your academics is definitely for you to do extraordinarily well, so understand your inheritance and walk in it.
God’s grace is available to colour your effort. When your trust is solely on Him to help, you can be sure of divine intervention, but miracles are not magic. No amount of anointing oil or mantle will transmit what you never read into your head, YOU MUST STUDY! Any other ways would only be a rare circumstantial exception.

We wish you success in your academic endeavour.

I hope you were able to pick a wisdom or two, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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