Don’t Hold Back – FLY!!!

How odd are the things we allow to deter us from influencing our world? If you are like me, it probably takes you days to post your work online. “Work” in this instance refers to your artistic creations and whatnots that bespeaks your faith. You ask yourself questions like:

“Am I doing this for the likes?”
“Are my intentions right?”
“Maybe I should post this later.”

When you eventually get to post, you go offline in a flash because you do not want to get too excited about the likes your work garnered. You are trying your best to keep a humble heart, or maybe you are just wary of what success does to men.

As much as you do not fancy getting drunk on accolades, you have to recognize that your talents, gifts and abilities are tools that serve as a means to an end. If you know that your purpose on earth is to know Christ and make Him known, you will not hesitate to use your abilities for His glory. You will not allow your reservations cause you to withhold life from others.

Imagine that Jesus was wary of doing miracles or speaking about the kingdom of God in the name of “keeping it cool” or “what will people think?”

How would have paved the way towards reconciling us to the Father?

Ensure your desire to influence is for the right reasons- but do not allow your desires or feelings hinder you from being a blessing. The children of the devil are publicly celebrating their works; in fact, they use every possible means to entrap minds with their viewpoints and mannerisms. If you, a child of God, keep your light under a bushel, then do not be surprised if they succeed at infiltrating the world with the works of the flesh.

You can choose to either cry out at the outrage or roll up your sleeves as you wipe the dust off your spirit-inspired songs, stories, write-ups, poems, scripts and so on. It is time to put your work out there.

I salute people like Pastor Emmanuel Iren, Pastor Laju Iren, Jamie Grace, Jo Deep, Gamie, Hassel, Jackie Hill Perry, Nathaniel Bassey and a host of other Christians for consistently churning out spirit-inspired contents. What a great number of lives they have influenced with the knowledge of Christ!

I hear you say to yourself: “I am not an artistic somebody by nature. What’s she talking about?”

Well, you can speak, right? You can do those things Jesus said we would in Mark 16:15-18? Then, you have no hiding place.

No need to worry about how you would be received you will receive. If the message is right, then it pleases God.

Speaking of spirit-inspired contents, below is the lyric of a song by Jenny Snipstead as featured in Jefferson Bethke’s “The Greatest Artist of All Time.” May it also inspire you to let your creative juices flow for God’s glory.

“Pick up your pen and write a song
Lift up your voice and sing along
Raise your bow and play an anthem to our king
Bring all your paintings and your poems
Cast them down before the throne
You are the maker’s hand
You’re a living masterpiece.”

Imagine that Jesus was wary of doing miracles or speaking about the kingdom of God in the name of 'keeping it cool' or 'what will people think?' Share on X

Written by Bolanle Abiola

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Omobolanle Abiola is a young Christian lady who's currently trying out new things while finding her authentic self (in Christ, of course). She loves to read, draw and engage in interesting conversations (amongst other things).
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