As Christians living in a world with tonnes of religions with opposing beliefs and fundamental differences, and low religious tolerance, sharing the faith is no easy task. But sharing the gospel (evangelising) is one of the major tenets of Christianity, one we can say is mandatory for every Christian.

Jesus in Mark 16: 15 said: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

The fear of being rejected, the concern of not knowing the right word to say or what might happen if you are asked a question to which you have no answer to are few major reasons we hold back in sharing our faith. Especially if you have the image of standing in the middle of a street with a big megaphone. But there are lots of creative and convenient ways to share your faith.

Here are 10 creative ways to share the gospel.

  1. Invite Them To Your Home – Most times, all you need is a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to share your faith. Why not prepare a lovely dinner and invite the person(s) you want to speak to to come. After a lovely miss, share the gospel with them. It doesn’t even have to be the first time they come, make it a reoccurring event as this is a good way to show the love of Christ and give them the opportunity to see you live out that Christian principles.
  2. Use Social Media: Social media has been used to do a lot of harmful things from bullying to threatening and even blackmail. But as a child of God, you can turn it into an avenue for the encouragement and upliftment and also to share the love of God with them. Post scriptures, video messages, pictures bearing the good news. Using the social media should eliminate the fear that comes with sharing your faith in person.
  3. Send a Text Message/ Instant Message: You can never underestimate the power of a word in season or a simple thought out text message. Why not just compose a few lines about the gospel send it to your friends. And with today’s instant messaging apps it’s even easier to broadcast such a message to all your contacts while spending little to nothing.
  4. Organising/Inviting Them to an Event: If you can’t do the “sharing”, bring them places the message will be shared. Invite them to your church, conferences, camp meetings, concerts. And it might be a small gathering organized by you.
  5. Share Faith Related Materials (Novels, Movies, etc) – This a very good way to share your faith subtly leveraging on the person’s interest. For instance, you have some friends that are avid novel readers and will read anything novel regardless of faith undertone, give them a novel you have read and has the gospel message in it, then initiate a conversation when they are done reading. This can pass for anything, even TV show, Gym class…
  6. Take Every Chance To Pray – It’s amazing how many opportunities we are presented with daily to share our faith. A friend complains about a pain, confusion, chaos at home, fear about something, those are great opportunities to pray for them and trust me, they will say amen. Look out for opportunities like this, they are great avenues to share your faith.
  7. Wear Christian-themed Clothing – A t-shirt with “Jesus is God” is all you need to initiate a conversation about God and your faith without even trying. Do this on purpose.
  8. Put Christian-themed Stickers and Materials on your Desk, Locker, Car… – One thing I have found out over time is that some people are looking for who to ask their questions and confusing about God and faith, and if they don’t know you are a Christian, how then would they approach you? Asides from that, having Faith-branded materials around you works like wearing a Christian-themes t-shirt also, they are good conversation starters.
  9. Live by Your Standards: When temptations come (and trust me, they will) stand your ground and do what is right. You might not consider it, but people will see it and remember. And by doing that, you will be sharing your faith, by making people realise that your faith helped you to persevere.
  10. Create Gospel Themed Art: Pictures with inspirational bible passages on them, simple art that is themed with an intent to share the gospel are another way of making people know of God’s love for them. Your picture might just have the words “God loves you”, and will still pass the message of the gospel. This art can either be in print or virtual.

Thank you for reading, but more important than reading these 10 point is sharing one or more ways you have shared your faith, or you think might work. Kindly share with us in the comment segment below 🙂

Have a great experience sharing your face, feel free to share your testimony also in the comment segment or as a mail to

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  1. Sharing tracts .

    1. Right! This has survived this long because it works. And like my pastor will say, dont just with just giving the tract, use it as a conversation starter.

  2. Well! Spoken! I’l also like to say! Playing gospel songs around you can also help!

    1. Yes!!! I have personally seen this work on a roommate of mine back in the university. Thanks for sharing this ‘Gechi.

  3. Awesome post. Sometimes, I start by generally asking people what their day was like or what has been going on recently in their lives. They start to talk, and I cash in on something they say to veer into a discussion about God and faith.

    I’ve also found that constantly praying for opportunities to share the Gospel makes our spirits more receptive and sensitive to opportunities when they come. For instance, in an inter-faith Whatsapp group, I once isolated a young girl on the verge of leaving Christianity for Islam. I private-chatted her, and found that she had been exposed to erroneous teachings from Islamic scholars. I kept proving to her from the Bible that they were wrong, began praying for her, and after few weeks of arguments about who was right and who was wrong, she came running back to the Cross. Isn’t God wonderful?

    1. Wow, glory to God. Prayer is key!!!
      Thank you for sharing.

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  6. I had a friend, in fact she’s not someone I really expected would become my friend, even till now-years after secondary school. My experience with her made me not underestimate just talking about Jesus and sharing related stuff.
    For a year or even more(a long time sha), I decided to be bolder and started sharing blogs posts and all, subtly talking about Jesus and including Him in our conversations….one day she just asked how I got to this point of loving God, and started asking questions…and I never would’ve expected that she would give any thought to those things sef. I realized she had questions, she was interested, and she saw me as someone she could talk to about it. I was amazed, really amazed especially because we had been talking for a long time and this just came up one random day.
    Take advantage of any available opportunity to speak about Him. I’m learning more and more. Strategize

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