Image by © Adrianna Williams/Corbis

Image by © Adrianna Williams/Corbis

You wonder why I choose to live like a slave  rather than a king ,
To wear a burden instead  of my royal ring,
To endulge my vain mind instead of letting my heart think,
Hear my spirit man cry while  I make my flesh sing.
I wonder…
Why my habits thrive and why  I let my destiny sink,
ignoring such great a love,
staring at thy enemies  wink.
I’m high right now, Oh Lord I stink,
but the grace You provide  keeps me right  in sync,
thus helping  me  remember my first  source and only true link,
so guide me to see my name written with Your golden ink.
Help me relive Abraham’s creed,
as I stop smoking weed, out of my  greed.
Holy Spirit  take the lead.
Carry me with mercy as we proceed,
Do what you want and not what I need,
as I multiply , grow and raise heavenly seeds.
Even in this very struggles  I choose to superceed, read Your word and take heed.
This is my prayer so Lord Jesus, intercede


James Ohiomoba

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