It was the last 2 weeks before the commencement of the final exams when I was in no way near being set for, the fear I have always had since my first year was now lurking around like dazzling eyes in the dark night. What if I just fail a course or I don’t finish my project which I’m meant to defend in just a week from now and the work was anything but finished or better still it was yet to start. I was done with the designs but what worked on paper and simulation software just refused to sum-up in real time. What if I end up having to come back for a carry-over? What-if something just happens, something unpleasant?
Nothing seems to be working, the hope of graduating looked very bleak, the future looked very uncertain until I blocked my ears and heart to the “reality” when these songs I compiled into a playlist I named “MOTIVATION” became a 24/7 diet.

  1. We will win – ToddZero
  2. Same God – Tye II Tribbett
  3. Conqueror – Mali Music
  4. For my Good – Daniel Johnson
  5. I Made It – Frank Edwards
  6. Shalom – Joseph Prince
  7. Ready Aim – Mali Music
  8. I know who I am – Sinach
  9. Go – Mali Music

So my project defence was postponed giving me more time to work and also to prepare for my exams which I passed restfully. The kind I’ve not experienced since my first year and I also finished my project 2 days before my defence.
One of my twitter followers tweeted recently “I am in love with music and God knows I want to marry”. There is something about music, beyond the beats, beyond being entertained. This thing I believe is a Spirit brought me through my last days as an undergraduate, days I needed someone to talk to and there was none, the days I needed motivations and encouragements; Music came to a rescue and I made it.
Please be mindful of what goes in between your ears, they go a long way to shape your life and everyday experiences, remember Proverbs 4:23
Look for those songs, they are my personal life-savers, they might just be for you too. I recently blogged about the first two, I will really want you to take your time and check them out; DEFYING GRAVITY and SAME GOD.

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