We men or women! Whatever the case maybe, can we just provide a solution to this identity misappropriation? Yes?
Or did I get a No? Oh okay! I’m sorry, 1, 2, 3, 4……∞. Well, I don’t think Opinion wants to count right now. He or maybe she is tired because that’s all s(he) ever does. Count!
I hear we men are getting married to we men and I have decided to do something about it? And what is it? *Drum rolls* Wait for it!
I also hear women are getting married to women. Hmmm! Okay!
Research says they say they were born that way. I couldn’t agree more Sins we were all born that way.
So guys, these guys are right!
Before I begin to separate myself, let me drop this.
Homosexuality and Anger are fruits of the flesh and can lead to sin! The weight of both is the same. I have anger issues. I lust and I’m lost.
So because homosexuality is a major issue and its not affecting you and in your mind you’re like ‘God forbid! I can’t do such, how can I prefer a guy (if you’re guy) and how can I prefer a girl (if you’re a girl)’
The same issue! We were born that way!
So here’s the thing, there’s no milder sin and greater sin. Treat Anger how you treat homosexuality! Period!
But there is hope! There is goodnews for us!

God expected us to be this rebellious, he expected us to hate Him, he expected us to disregard Him etc.

But its amazing that He still became sin that we might be saved. Yup! He put on the weight of an homosexual on the Cross to save the homosexual; he became anger to save the angry etc. He became ___ to save the _____ Fill in the blank space with whatever you’re struggling with!

So quit trying to stop, start telling Jesus everything on your mind! I mean, He knows already anyway. Focus on Jesus, that’s the only way our fleshy desires can be subdued.

When He rose, you rose too! All you have to do is believe! And stop trying in your strength to defend your self and sins saying this is just how I am. No! You’re more! As you’re reading this, your spirit is agreeing because there’s a you inside you comforting you right now. That’s the Holy spirit! And goodnews is that the Holy Spirit will explain itself to you. You may ask, I was not there when Jesus died and rose, the holy spirit will bear witness for you. I mean, HE was there!
The solution is the Goodnews! A news that knew your history, knows your future and makes you new to avoid saying ‘If only I knew this news, I’d have lived better’

That being said ‘You are free! In Jesus name!’

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  1. Cool straight to the point yet not condemning. ……me like

  2. Hmmmm, very insightful. I like the way the truth is told.

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