Reverend Funke Felix- Adejumo serves it as e dey hot!

Apart from the fact that every single one of her messages will probably leave you in stitches, she always has a way of driving her point home.

A friend of mine shared the video with me on WhatsApp yesterday, I listened to the message this morning, and I just knew I couldn’t keep this dose of awesomeness to myself.

In this message, Rev. Funke aims to enlighten and remind women of the greatness they have within them. She goes further to hammer on the importance of maximizing your years as an unmarried person.

One very profound statement she made was “If you have to compromise your faith to get it, then it isn’t worth having”.

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So as not to spill the beans, I won’t give away too much information about the video.

One thing I must point out is that this message is not solely for women. Men also have a lot they can learn from it.

Please, please and please watch this video, and share with as many people as possible.


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Video Credit: Naija Christians Naija Christians on YouTube

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