Some thousand years ago, there was a king. This king in the course of his reign became so puffed up and self-conceited that he ordered for a huge statue to be built for him. When this was built, he further decreed that this statue be brought and everyone in the land was to bow down to it. In that land, there were free-born and slaves. These slaves were captives usually carried off from other countries during the war.
As at the time the king made this declaration, there were four young men – slaves carried off during the war. These men believed in God and as such refused to pay obeisance to this statue – or the king. Their refusal wasn’t out of sheer rebellion but was because they were going to have to compromise on their belief. The proud king got a wind of this and was furious. He commanded that if anyone refuses to bow down, the fellow should be thrown into the fiery furnace. By the time the king realizes these guys were slaves of a certain country taken during the war. He ordered that the furnace is heated seven times. Yet, these young men stood unshaken.
You’d imagine that these guys trusted their God so much that they didn’t go back on their word. What you probably wouldn’t imagine was the fact that they told the king, “we know our God is able to save us from you and your fire. But even if he doesn’t, we still wouldn’t bow down”. So for them, it was beyond the powers God had to display. It was a deeply rooted belief in God – the person of God and not just in what He could do even though he could do a lot. Finally, they got thrown in. This furnace was so hot that those who threw them in were burned. And no God didn’t save them from being thrown in.
The king and his people stood staring at the fire and wondering why they weren’t being burned. It was as he stated that he noticed that a fourth man stood with them talking – the fourth man had the form of the Son of God. Then, the king and his people believed. The young men didn’t come out unharmed and even more, people came to believe in their God including the king.
I wish the story ended just before they were thrown in. I wish some mighty flood came from heaven and quenched the fire and some angels from heaven come and beat up the king and his people and the young men were released and ….. but no, God didn’t save them from the fire, He was here with them
But no, God didn't save them from the fire. He was with them in it! Click To Tweet For those that are familiar with Bible stories, you’d know I was talking about the three Hebrew men in the book of Daniel 3. There’s so much to learn from those men. It applies even till today – this Christianity, what’s in it for you? Is it about the benefits you expect to come from God when you serve Him or is it about God Himself. One time I asked myself, “If all I have ever worked for was burned to ashes, my family and those I love were taken away if everything I ever held dear was taken away, would I still believe this God?” To my amazement, I couldn’t answer that question immediately.

God wants us to trust in Him for Him and not only in what He can do or what we can get from Him.

God is beyond promise for a good life on earth and golden streets of heaven… We need to ask ourselves, “What’s in for me on this journey?” If your answer is anything but God, there is need to check yourself. There is need to pull down those strongholds that have found their way to the heart exalting themselves above God (2 Cor 10:5) by renewing your mind. And you have to be sincere with yourself. Many times, it’s nothing bad – maybe ambition, money, fine wife and children, good life. It becomes an issue when you fall out with God and your heart shifts base when these things aren’t there. It only means your heart was originally set on those things.
If God doesn't heal you or give you money or whatever it is you have asked him for, would you still believe? Click To Tweet