Dear Preacher,
This is what you made me write instead of taking down a sermon note during your “supposed sermon” last week Sunday. I hope it meets you well and leaves you a better shepherd to the sheep.

One advice – don’t get defensive about all that I have written. If you think my observations are wrong, kindly ignore them, but I am sure you will find some things helpful here.

I came to the house of bread craving to have my hunger (to be more like Christ) satisfied, but I left the house of bread wondering if there were any bakers.

Thank you for that sermon. Oh! I meant speech. You were able to successfully get me “self-conscious”. I came to see Jesus, but you kept a mirror right at my face all through your speech. You tell me I will be what God wants me to be if I discover myself and improve my skills,  but you made it look I could achieve these feats as long as I follow your “points” diligently. How true? What happened to John 15:5 and Psalm 127:1? What happened to Jesus being the centre of it all?

I have to say this. I was shocked when you used Ecclesiastes 9:11 as a reference to emphasise the indispensability of having skill. Really Bro?  Ecclesiastes said the exact opposite in literal English.

You switched in between various professions while delivering the speech sermon. You became a comedian when you used another minister’s phonetics as leverage to excite your audience and a book analyst (reviewer) when your sermon sounded like you were reading out “Seven Mountain Prophecies” to me.

Sir, why did you keep looking the way of the Senior Pastor? Were you trying to evaluate your performance based on his feedback? Yes, I know this is a rare opportunity to be on the pulpit on a Sunday morning, but you are not answerable to him for those few moments you held the microphone.

You are answerable to God for whatever you nurture the 1000 plus under your sermon with.

Oh! Did you just say that I should aim at doing twice as much as Aliko Dangote or the Google guys in order for me to be able to minister Christ to them? I think the power unto salvation lies in the Gospel of Christ and not in my wealth…

I said stop stealing intermittent glances at the Senior Pastor! Are you that self-conscious and afraid of failing him?  I wonder if you give similar attention to the man- your Lord who sent you on this mission.

It was a great speech anyways, well-articulated and professionally delivered, I bet it must have earned you a good honorarium in any secular motivational platform. But in the house of God, you should just stick with the bible- nothing more. Sermons on the beatitudes and the fruits or gifts of the spirit would have satisfied my hunger… just saying.

You failed to satisfy the hunger I left my house with, and you denied these flock of sheep the opportunity to become mature, and the opportunity to attain the whole measure of the fullness of Christ, which is the purpose of the ministry gifts according to Ephesians  4:13.

Yours Sincerely,

This is not a fictional write-up. It was my experience in church and it hurts to see Pastors giving us less than the best. You and I deserve to be nurtured with the best, with God’s word. Remember Jesus said that we can only live by the Word proceeding from God, not a well-articulated speech to rub personal ego or make the congregation feel good.

It hurts to see Pastors giving us less than the best. You and I deserve to be nurtured with the best, with God's word. Click To Tweet

Kindly refer to a previous post “IF YOU GET A CHANCE, WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO THE PASTORS? Here, you will see people’s sincere notes to their pastors. You can still share yours.

In another post titled “THE WHOLE CHURCH THING”, I shared my frustration on how the church is played today.

Thank you for reading, and please, don’t give up on church, just find the right one. Happy Sunday.

Thank you for reading, I’ll be waiting to see your comment. 


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1 Comment

  1. I pray that the Lord will revive our churches nd ministers through the Holy Spirit.

  2. We pray God’s mercies on the Church.

  3. We just have to keep praying, many christian are dicieve by plausible preacher. Despite that there are too many churchies not knowing which one to attend. May God help our generation.

  4. This is hilarious and painful. With the way new churches are evolving now, we just have to be careful. So called entertaining, money oriented, backsliding,etc Pastors.
    Chai! May God help them to focus on the ONE that called them to do HIS work (if they were truly called though #justsaying) and for members to discern the right things to hear.
    It is well 🙂

  5. Bro,I understand all you’ve said. Had similar experience and we leave Church a place of worship having doubts and questions. The time you should have used to gladly share what has blessed you in church, that Shepherd left you wondering and not fed- hungry.
    May our thirst be quenched, our spirit fed and our church revived. I rest my case. Tnx for this Tolu.

  6. I agree with you Tolu, Pastors should preach the Word not just giving us motivational speeches…like you said- “don’t give up on church, just find the right one.”

  7. it is sad.. really sad..
    I try not to be disrespectful and pay utmost attention but how do I when the pastor is insistent on wowing his ‘audience’ with his speech and charisma… God help us all…

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