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Our next bad girl is one who we can be called ‘a whore’ and we won’t be wrong. That was really who she was. She was a girl that was taken away from the prostitution business but would run back to as soon as she found the opportunity, and yeah, we are about to learn good biblical lessons from this whore. Thank you!

Apart from being a prostitute, she had a name issue. Her name Gomer is a derivative of the Hebrew verb gamar. Gamar means to complete, end or come to an end, or accomplish (as it the Lord has accomplished it for me), but can also be used to indicate a sudden stop or termination. The word gamar occurs only five times in the scripture (all in the Psalms), and either references an end to wickedness or the completion of God’s purpose. She basically was the girl that ‘finished’ your life!

We got to know her when God requested or would I say, instructed the almost impossible; He told His prophet, Hosea, to go marry her!

I will probably be able to glean just one lesson from the life of Gomer, but it is indeed a huge one.

Imagine this with me a bit.

An eligible bachelor who is known for propagating God and precepts suddenly decides that it was time to say goodbye to bachelorhood, everyone was glad only to discover he was going on to be engaged to a woman popularly known for her wandering tendencies.

She wasn’t ready to be faithful, he knew this yet he went ahead to marry her.

The message from the life of Gomer and Hosea is such a simple yet profound love – Unconditional love.

God will through his love, heal your faithlessness. He will love you freely and unconditionally. He has promised that “I have loved you with an everlasting love. That is why I have continued to be faithful to you.” Jer31:3

God will through his love, heal your faithlessness. He will love you freely and unconditionally. Click To Tweet

No matter how far off from him you feel you have gone, please know that God’s arm is constantly open to receive you. The question is ‘Will you come home to papa?’

May we never carelessly throw away God’s love!

Thank you for reading!

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