If You Get A Chance, What Will You Say To The Pastors?


After service last week, I got talking with a friend who was too grieved at the experience he got from the church he worshipped that Sunday. He, rightly, was in search of a place- a place where his longing for God. Where His hunger for scripture could be met. He confessed that he wasn’t such a guy that was there yet with God, but desperately want to be fed, thus his extra caution at the choice of a church of which I don’t blame him for. You will understand if you have read a previous post I titled THE WHOLE CHURCH THING, where I vented my anger at the way a church is played and being portrayed today.

Let me cut to the chase and go straight to one of the most important things, if not the most important among others in what defines a church; the word or sermon.

The first thing that put my friend off was the appearance of the pastor. Who capped up his dressing with a  cap on, not the one to compliment a traditional attire, but the “big-boy” type, as he puts it. He turned around and saw another guy with his face cap on. I guess the pastor is a good role model. That was not even the issue. He preached a whole sermon that spanned more than 30mins without a single passage of the scripture, yeah, it was that bad. He quoted some pastors though.

Among other things, he complained about how one of another minister (female) dressed, that made him crave for her rather than crave to become like her. I think the ministers of God should watch it. If my friend was given a hearing with these pastors, I am sure he will have a lot to say.
So, if you were given the chance to voice your mind. Regardless of what it is to your church/fellowship pastor (or maybe not “your own” pastor), what would you say?

That is what exactly this post is about. Let us help our Pastors serve and shepherd us better. We are hoping they get to read this, learn and improve.

I will go first:
Sir, I came to church to be ministered to and to minister to God. Not to be entertained. If it was entertainment I wanted, I would be in the cinema or the park. Plus, I have a laptop loaded with enough to keep me fixed to its screen. Show me the way to eternal life, feed me to maturity the word of life. Be to me an example I can follow blindly. Give me what I can’t get on my own or by just merely reading books. Don’t just give me a sermon that seems like a book review or one that won’t make me crave to become more like Jesus. Give me Jesus, not you. Nor your personal ideas or value, don’t market yourself but Jesus. Lastly, I don’t come to church just to hear the story of how you travelled and slept and ate and …”

Alright, thank you for reading. Kindly follow suit and drop something you think your pastor or all ministers of God should take note of. Please don’t just read and ignore, leave something behind 🙂

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  1. Sir,I am tired of coming to church and not getting access to the word,Let’s spend more time talking about Jesus and not just singing and dancing all day all in the name of”worship”.Show me how to grow up in christ in all things.Help me not to get lost in the dark.Teach me the true way of life and how I can inherit God’s kingdom.Let’s spend more of our time in doing spiritual things and lastly show me how to balance my spiritual and physical life by the way you live your life after leaving the pulpilt.

  2. I hate it when someone goes to church or to a fellowship and is not imparted or educated. There’s nothing more than knowing that you’ve been imparted after a church service or meeting.

  3. So, me next… dear mr preacher just stay true to the text, love your people, it is an amazing thing when i see you growing fat while your people grow thin. Dear mr pastor, the shepherd lays down his life for the sheep (and doing the work of the ministry is not laying down your life for them it is your simple and basic duty as a christian) Laying down your life involves looking out for their spiritual and physical well being. it is important mr preacher, and definitely more important than preaching a series of messages on tithes and offerings.
    Also mr preacher it will do me a lot of good if i leave your service think about the beauty of Christ and God and not thinking about you and how you can get me to the place where i can finaly have all my spiritualized carnal desires of mine.
    Also mr other preacher spend time with the word of God but dont forget to pray, dont make declarations from the alter and then shy away from praying for me to get off my wheel chair, dont shy away from praying blind eyes or deaf ears on monday morning in front of your office.
    Also mr preacher dont tell me i dont have faith, if a healing doesnt take place, understand that you are not omnipotent only God is. have a firm grasp of his sovereignty, it will help your ministry and prayer life.
    Lastly mr preacher, its been a while i heard about His coming and it seems to me like we arent waiting for it. Its been a while i heard a Cross and Christ centered message please return to it because there in lies the power to save my soul and not in funny stories you tell every sunday about yourself

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  5. Sir, I want to hear more about Christ and not about the latest car you just bought or are planning to buy. I want the sincere milk of the Word that will cause me to grow, I want to hear more about the Holy Spirit, am tired of the “prosperity message”, rather teach me how to grow in Christ,Teach me how to trust in and depend on God, Teach me who I am in Christ.Care for the church, not just the rich, but for the whole body of Christ(which includes rich and poor) and most importantly Stop Advertising Your Church, and show JESUS INSTEAD. Thank you Sir.

  6. Dear Sir!!! I’m tired of hearing you quite other people especially your head Pastor. You say everything as if he is the head of the church and not Christ himself. Why won’t you Base your preaching on the scriptures?
    And then you put so much pressure on us to “win souls” but it feels you just want to fill up your church with large numbers so that your monthly report to the head church looks good..
    I totally dislike how you manipulate us with words in oder to be committed.. why must you tie commitment to God with success and prosperity only… why not based on the love for God…
    Dear Pastor I think the end of the matter is I am leaving. . I can’t live like this being disconnected and totally critical..

  7. […] refer to a precious post “IF YOU GET A CHANCE, WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO THE PASTORS? Here , you will see people’s sincere notes to their pastors. You can still share yours. In […]

  8. […] refer to a precious post “IF YOU GET A CHANCE, WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO THE PASTORS? Here , you will see people’s sincere notes to their pastors. You can still share yours. In […]

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