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Incase you weren’t able to watch, here is the transcript

So one day I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant to order my favorite dish – Chinese Rice and Dry Sauce. I spread, straightened and pressed my napkin against my lap, anticipating for the dream dish. My mouth began to water as I sighted my order been elegantly carried towards me in the hands of the waitress and my belly scram for joy (‘scram’ is my own past tense of scream). As soon as the plate was placed before, I immediately asked for salt in my favorite salt shaker container and they brought it to me in no time. I shook the salt shaker and sprinkled some salt into my food and then stirred romantically till I knew that I knew that it was well mixed.

[At this point I’m going want to know if the reader is like me who naturally tastes a food in my mouth before I actually taste it. If you’re like me, comment with a ‘uhn huh uhn huh’ lol]. [Anyways, that’s how I felt; I just wanted to really paint it to you]. After much serenre (i.e. ceremony), I planted the spoon in my mouth and you don’t want to know how disgusted I was when the food tasted salt less. Believing that I probably didn’t put enough salt; Perhaps I was too careful, I shook some more in, then stirred and tasted and it was still salt less, then I shook and stirred and tasted, and shook and stirred and tasted till I shook all the salt from the salt shaker into the food!!
Can you imagine?? Can you even imagine what it’s like to not taste what you expect to taste when you eat a meal? *sigh* I was disappointed.
The point of my long ‘UNTRUE’ tale is this; when we (Christians), gather into a hall on a Sunday or Tuesday or Wednesday, it can be likened to salt (the church) being put in a salt shaker (the church’s hall/ meeting place).
The expectation is that when we leave the salt shaker (the meeting place after the meeting for sharpening and converting and enlightenment and correction and exhortation) to go into the food we ought to salt (The earth – our work place, our homes, the street and everywhere)… when we leave the meeting place we ought to be salt (savor and fragrance of the Lord Jesus) to the next place be settle if not, it is pointless. It is pointless for something to only be called salt before it looks white and is in a salt shaker.

It is pointless to only been called Christian because they see you go to church and look (outwardly) like other Christians. Let your Christianity be known not by your church – Going but by your Life – Living.

Grace ‘n’ Peace

Jo Deep

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