Letter From God – 1


Close up of antique love letter on parchmentMy dearly beloved,
Be mindful little eyes, what you see
Be mindful little’s ears, what you hear
Be mindful little mouth, what you say
Be mindful little heart, what you reason
Because the devil goes to and fro seeking whom to sieve like shaft and lead astray with his Cunnings and subtility
You have found your place in Me, in My Presence
Therefore, dwell therein absolutely with all sincere, wholehearted and purely devoted heart to Me
Beware of “greener” pastures outside who I am to you, personally
I deal with every mankind personally
Therefore, get personal with Me and keep being personal with Me
Let My Word in Scriptures be your Compass of Life as you journey from one chapter to the next.
Yours’ In Love,

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