Illustrated by Ifeyinwa Amagwula for @artword_

Illustrated by @artword_

Do You wash the external part of your tank alone and leave the inner part?! Or you ensure that just the outer part of your car is sparkling..?

You look into the mirror every now and then, Checking details for your make overs and cloth combo and dopeness, but you forget to look into the life mirror that created the physical mirror you know to show you your complete make overs.

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You acquire new things to edify your skin, And you say to yourself, Everyone will see what I just got for my skin. Of course, we see that first. You forget your life has more value and last longer.

Just like washing only the outer part of your drinking water tank. Since u see just that huh?

Matthew 3:8(MSG) “…do you think a little water on your snake skin is going to make any difference? It’s your LIFE that must change, not your SKIN!”

Written by; Ifeyinwa Amagwula

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