A Logical Thought On Sowing and Reaping – Pastor Emmanuel Iren


This is for the logical thinkers we have out here: (Think carefully)

Can the teachings on sowing and reaping be at least more consistent?

When you are broke, you’re told to sow to come out of debt.  When the Church needs money, you are still told to sow.

It’s a little one-sided.

Why doesn’t the church sow when she needs money?

It’d be nice to get to Church and the Pastor announces: “Hello brethren. Under every seat is an envelope containing ten thousand naira. We are sowing into your lives so that we can afford our new building project. Blessings” Won’t that be nice?


We can raise people in the Lord who are aware of their responsibility in the Lord. Then when there is a project, you can be straightforward and just open up to them (instead of holding special programs and calling guest ministers who are professionals at getting money from people).

  • Tell them what you want to do.

  • Tell them how advantageous it will be to the gospel. 

  • Ask them to give freely, cheerful and NOT OUT OF NECESSITY.

This, my friends, is the bible way. Come off the delusion that people will only give generously if you put them under undue pressure. It’s a lie.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren.

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  1. That’s a very logical thought and fitting for the subject on the doctrine of giving. The true Joy in giving is experienced not in the relief of paying a wager or a tax but in the freedom tof offer yourself and service in Christ to God.

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