Dear God,

I feel overwhelmed today. I get to have lots of people talk about how sacrificial I am, how motherly I am, how I think about every single person’s welfare, how very sensitive and emotional and somewhat dramatic I can be. They say I am deeply lovable. And it seems as though I am best at giving love. I have grown to think of myself this way too. But there are times I feel like I’m just but a sounding cymbal.

Papa, a part of me feels a deep vacuum. It seems no one has ever attempted to fill it in. Every other aspect of my life looks full of light; it’s blissful and I enjoy it; well, there’s a hint of selfishness and the dire need to be noticed and recognized sometimes. But, this part, my love life feels dead. The irony, isn’t it? I profess to expressing love to people around me, but my love life feels dead. Why do I feel this way?


My Dear Child,

Hmmmm… That’s some deep stuff I hear! (chuckles)

You see, My child, you have the heart of Love. But your heart functions like the heart of Human. Remember the study you did on the heart and the blood circulatory system? The human heart pumps at higher pressure to release life (oxygenated) blood to the entire body. However, it receives dead (de-oxygenated) blood from the body, at lower pressure.

Actually, this is not how My Body is expected to function. Sadly, she does. You seem to have forgotten that at Redemption, there was a Heart Transplant. I gave you My Heart so you can have the capacity to Love like I do.

My heart releases Life, and because nothing dead can ever be found in Me, I only receive Life. I own it in the first place anyways (*grins*). Darkness and death can’t exist where there’s Light, Life and Love. So, the only thing that My Body gives and receives in a continuous cycle of system is Light, Life and Love.

Here’s the real irony. My Body has become “comfortable”. No pressure, no pumping, just dead lifeless and loveless flow. If you really want to operate with My Heart, you have to be uncomfortable; high pressure pumps, both ways and nothing else.

That’s the same thing I will say about your love life. But first, let’s get one main thing straight (winks).

That vacuum is called the need for companionship, and I am the Only One that can fill that deep vacuum beyond satisfactory level. The Potter knows best how to handle His clay. Why not let our hearts be in sync; and we pump in rhythms together. It’s uncomfortable in the sense of the world, but only you and I know how so much comfort it is been in each other’s arms.

Your love life, in the light of all that I have said, won’t feel or look dead. Just as My Heart pumps for yours, and yours for Mine, that would be the story of your love life. You both would not just only fill each other’s vacuum, but you will be as in sync as we both are, that the world would think it as awkward and sense it as highly uncomfortable. 

You would want nothing more than to be “awkward” and “uncomfortable” together, with Me in the Big Picture. Now, that’s what a relationship (love life – marriage) in the light of Eternity should reflect.

Awesome, right? (laughs).

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