The use social media as a means of passing information has received worldwide recognition and spread. From friends sharing pictures and videos, to even social media online advertisements and news reporting.

Social media platforms such as youtube, Facebook, Instagram e.t.c have become a medium for people to share pictures, videos and their views and thoughts on certain issues. Even clergy men have also taken advantage of these mediums to reach out to people by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One person who has really taken advantage of this opportunity to tell people about Christ is Marcus Rogers.

Although not a pastor, Marcus Rogers who is a soldier for the U.S army. During his free time away from army duties takes time out to preach in a very radical and practical way.

I first stumbled upon Marcus Rogers when a friend of mine on Facebook shared one of  his videos where he radically talked about the end times, telling we Christians to desist from being lukewarm Christians and begin to focus more on the things of God.

I was overwhelmed by his teaching in that video and since then often take time out to watch his videos. When you watch his videos, you would see that this man is passionate about the things of God and very bold to show it, even when he speaks, he speaks with such energy making his videos  exciting and inspiring.

His radical teachings are usually on how we the Christians should avoid being lukewarm and non-chalant towards the things of God and instead of letting the world influence us, we should rise up and become active and bold Christians who will influence the world  even in this end times.

Watching Marcus Rogers, I get inspired to be bold as a  Christian never to be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I should influence the people around me with the Gospel of Christ.

Disclaimer: This is not a post certifying Marcus Rogers as the sound-est bible teacher, but as an individual who has employed social media as a tool to reach out for christ despite his occupation. 

Here is a link below to one of his videos ☺☺


Thanks and God bless.

Oshone Oshiogwemoh

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