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I have a number of things that scare me and keep me awake at night.  I realized that these things were negatively affecting my decision-making process;  I was constantly seconding guessing my decisions because ‘’Fear Ruled My Life’’.  

I made a choice to take charge and work on these fears so I made a ‘’Fear List’’. I wrote down all the things I was afraid of in no particular order.

I will not be baring my soul, because many of the things on the list are very personal and I am keeping it between God, Ore and my black note book. However, I will share a few and my realization after making my list.

Ore’s Fear List.
  1. That I will get robbed on Oshodi Bridge in Lagos- A few months ago around 8pm, I was driving home and singing at the top of my lungs as I approached the bridge when a group of Night children attacked me.  Now, I avoid the bridge and I have mapped out alternate routes home.
  2. That I will not get a job I love.
  3. Unhappiness
  4. That my mobile phone will crash- my phones have  this unhealthy habit of crashing
  5. That I will not write a good story, or that I will write a blog post isn’t good enough.
  6. That I am not doing enough for God, that I am wasting my gift of salvation

After making Ore’s Fear List, I turned my fears into prayer points; I actively prayed about each item on the list and gradually I felt confident enough to cross some items off the list because they didn’t scare me anymore.

Above all, I realized that fears are born out of not trusting God completely or as a result of understating the concept of trust but not living in that understanding. 

I, Oreoluwa Abidoye, choose to daily trust God. I wake up in the morning and say it out loud ‘’Today I choose to trust you Lord’’.

We all have things we are afraid of- which end up ruining our good days and worsening our bad days ; I charge you today to not allow the things you fear rule your life. Make a ‘’fear list’’, hand over the list to God, and daily choose to trust.

NB: I have been praying about the Oshodi Bridge matter. I await an answer from my Father. The fear no longer rules me. 

Fears are born out of not trusting God completely. Click To Tweet

Written by; Oreoluwa Abidoye

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