What kind of title is this? You probably seemed confused. Well I just replaced the U in insecurity with you. I’m not alone in this journey so can I take you by the hand?

Have you ever wondered why some things happen to us that makes our minds so cripple that we can’t underSTAND?

Causing our sense of judgement to be warped

Maybe that feeling just need melodies from David’s harp

As I write this, one of the things I battle most are the pimples on my face

For almost ten years now, it seems I might never win that race

Normally I’m supposed to leave them to heal on its own but I press them so hard that it turns to blisters leaving dark spots all over

So much that when I’m speaking to others I can’t look them straight in the eye

Because I’m scared they might see my spots and be disgusted or I lose their attention

Same way I live my life as a Christian trying in my own way to cleanse my sins not knowing they are leaving dark spots

Dark spots, so I’m doing things that are uncalled for

Forgetting that Christ rose on day 3 not 4

For our sins he had to die for

So that now that I’m describing it, it won’t be simile but a metaphor

Metaphor because I can identify my sins as being the same as me,

though unrelated but still similarities exist between us

But now the pimples still appear,

And it is because of my habit of constantly touching

I’ve prayed several times for God to heal me but I still fear

I still fear, that it might not happen

Not happen, so I lose hope all of a sudden

It shouldn’t be so

What exactly makes you insecure like acne?

Let’s talk to God about it

Jesus, my lord thank you for the gift of your Holy spirit.

So you see and know all our fears and insecurities

Our hearts are filled with infirmities

We keep trying to hide it

It soon becomes our limit

Help us to leave it

For you

Because only you can make us new.

Hope this blessed you? 🙂

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