7 Quick Tips To Having A Meaningful Morning Devotion


It goes without saying that every Christian should have a living devotion, but how do we navigate busy schedule, tiredness, how do we ensure having a meaningful morning devotion?

 1. Sit up/Stand up

Very hardly do you wake up in the morning, stay lying in bed and not fall back to sleep, especially when you have your devotion lying down.

I have found that you have a greater chance at a successful morning devotion when you stand up from your bed, either you

  • Sit up (supporting your back with a pillow or against the wall)
  • Sit up with your leg touching the floor.
  • Stand up (either in a spot or pacing the room)
  • Knee down upright (not resting your head on anything)

In general, when you stand up or sit up after waking up to have your morning devotion, you have a greater chance to an effective devotion that morning.

2. Start by praying

Attempting to read and study the bible immediately after waking up, even after you’ve sat up might not turn out successful as the eyes is still a little dizzy and the body still sluggish from the sleep, so start by praying.

3. Pray out loud

Except in the case where you have a roommate you might disturb by raising your voice while praying, I will advise you be audible at least to yourself while praying during your devotion.

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So, be audible, better still, you can leave the room, take a walk praying (in your compound, in your street…)

4. Keep songs playing

I have also found out that I have a successful devotion the morning I play music immediately I wake up, often times its always songs of worship that stirs me up to pray, the likes of Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Nathaniel Bassey and Sinach.

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I will recommend you play songs you know their lyrics so you can sing/hum along.

5. Keep worries out

You have the probability of not going through your devotion when you have your mind bothered by something, the something being probably an assignment to be submitted that morning, or the days you wake up late, so do all to not have anything bothering your mind to av your distracted.

If you need to have your bath and dress up first before you start your devotion, very well or do the assignment first.

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6. Keep a schedule

There is a lot of wisdom in keeping a devotion schedule, it gives more direction.

By a schedule, I mean;

  • Have a time, start and stop. (and set a daily alarm)
  • Have the bible passage you’ll read.
  • If possible, make a prayer schedule. Make a list of prayer points.

All these gives direction to your devotion time and makes it even much more fruitful.

7. Be flexible

I know this might be a little opposite to the above point, but it’s wise to know when you need to change method (like sitting up or standing up), or when you need to change the time you have your devotion.

I believe these tips will amplify the productivity of your devotion time, they will help you have an effective and meaningful devotion time.

Are there methods that have helped you? Kindly share in a comment below.

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1 Comment

  1. I sooooo love the song part. I do that alot. And yes…..days I don’t sit up or stand, I sleep. kneeling is another sleeping position for me to be truthful, except if I was already praying and was led to kneel. But this is helpful. Thanks Tolu

    1. Yes Penesther, it is very good to be truthful to oneself. Thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing Tolu. I sure will be more conscious with my devotion times, this is a good reminder.

    1. Thank you Anonymous, would love to see your name next time.

  3. This is a timely article for me. Thank you. God help us all to have a sustainable devotion to Him.

  4. This is such a helpful post. Good ways to staying active during devotion. Whenever i feel dizzy even during devotion, what helps me is switching into unknown tongues. It helps stir up my spirit and revives me. Gospel music is such a recipe for the soul. Thanks for sharing Tolu

  5. I saw this just at the right time.
    The last point is so straight to the heart, for I have had to adjust my time for effectiveness consciousness and productivity.
    1. Now, I practice to keep songs on when I wake, then go bath and brush, for consciousness, the songs and words do stir me up.
    2. Then I sit to study the bible which would guide and strengthen me in thoughts and faith as I go on to pray to and commune with our Father.
    This has helped me greatly.
    Thank you for the timely post.

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  7. Thank you soooo much for this.

    1. 🙂 😉 You are sooooo much welcome, glad you find it helpful

  8. Really nice piece.. speaks directly about what many of us are struggling with. This is very helpful. I’d probably end up reading all your posts. God bless you.

  9. Thank you so much Tolu for these tips. Very timely and helpful.

  10. thanks for the tips my blessed prayor , will put them into practise.miss ya

  11. Thank you so much. Very timely for me. God bless you.

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