Young Woman with Head in Hands --- Image by © Corbis

Young Woman with Head in Hands — Image by © Corbis

Seriously! But how come no one zips it when they are hungry or thirsty?

Oh! Well, thanks to Pastor Young Ho Han of Nanoom Christian Fellowship- He is currently helping young Korean Americans break their addictions through a counseling program and free housing after noting that a major problem could speaking up or seeking for help.

Young Ho Han had his addiction with cocaine back in the 1970’s and probably suffered in silence too, but has been delivered and decided not to keep mute about it. He decided to help others going through same challenge.

NOTE: He has been able to help because those involved spoke up and received help.

The message is to two sets of persons: Firstly, for those whom God has helped and lifted high above the chains and shackles of the enemy. These kinds of persons must not keep quiet; they must understand that someone is definitely listening even if no one is physically standing in view. They must also realize that God has “helped” them so as for them to “help others” (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

Secondly, this message is directed to those who must seek for help and solutions via right channel and right people. These set of people must understand that they have to “…come boldly to obtain” and that they have to ‘ask’ to ‘receive’ ‘seek’ to ‘find’ and ‘knock’ before there can be any opening. (Hebrews 4:16, Matt 7:7)

You do not have to wait till it gets to cocaine or any drug abuse. It could be the ‘use of tongue abuse’, ‘eating abuse’, and so on. Seek help, talk to someone and you will surely find help.

PS. Jesus Christ is the best solution and solution finder. Let us all help each other, identify each others’ areas of needs as Christians should and help as much as we can.

God help us!

* * *

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