Hi guys, how was your Sunday and how were your service? From our Instagram account HERE, we present you Sunday Service gists from all over the globe 😀 . Take note of the various lessons shared as captions to those pictures.


Mbanisi kenechukwu I learnt that Messi can do all things! Okay, seriously, I learnt that spouses should accept (and embrace) each other’s differences. You have to understand the differences between men and women. And as a result, learn to be gracious towards your spouse even as God is gracious towards us.

Mr and Mrs Ajibola @officialholymallam @ij.ajibola So blessed to have them feature on #LifegivaSunday (you can read their #SundayGistfrom there individual pictur

Mrs Ijeoma Ajibola @ij.ajibola Guess what guys? She preached in the church she attended, a sermon titled MAKING MARRIAGE AND RELATIONSHIP WORK. Here is the message’s summary; Marriage is not for everybody 1. Accept your differences. 2. Be open and honest. Tell them anything and everything. Be mindful to know how much they can handle. 3. Develop FRIENDSHIP 4. Have familiarity and take interest in what he/she likes 5. Turn towards your spouse. Warm up to each other. 6. Allow yourself to be influenced by your partner. 7. SORRY shouldn’t be the hardest thing to say. A lasting marriage results from how well you can resolve conflicts. Have healthy conflict. Air your opinion To the singles; CHECK THAT PERSON OUT WELL Allow God lead you.

@officialholymallam We can never underestimate the need for commitment and sacrifice in making marriage work, and marriage is hard work. I’m 10 years in it but today’s service was like a refresher’s course and there is always something to learn everyday. #Lifegiva #Lifegiva

Soji#Lifegiva #Lifegivasunday

Soji #Lifegiva #Lifegivasunday


Samuel Abua I learned that in relationship or marriage, we have to accept and accommodate our differences. #Lifegiva #LifegivaSunday


Miss Miracle wigwe Marriage is a mystery ordained by God to make our Christ-like nature whole; by expressing love, showing mercy, and expressing grace.

A successful Marriage is one in which the people involved have the ability to resolve conflicts @imtomiabe #Lifegiva #LifegivaSunday

Marriage is not for everyone…love yourself! @adekunleosilaja #Lifegiva #LifegivaSunday


@zion_mayo Each person much accept their differences and be interested in your spouse. A lasting marriages result on how well the people involved are able to resolve and handle conflict. #Lifegiva #LifegivaSunday

lifegivadotcom@opsielady Service was very wonderful. The topic on marriage and relationships was very eye opening and inspiring. #Lifegiva #LifegivaSunday


@ezodiee in a relationship always pay attention to the various interests of your spouse. This enhances communication. #Lifegiva #LifegivaSunday


@Teygah0001 Service was really awesome, I had a great time and definitely learnt something. #Lifegiva #LifegivaSunday

@davidrotimi You’re married to someone who doesn’t meet all the conditions so that you can learn unconditional love. There wouldn’t be any point marrying someone who is perfect because God wants us to be more like CHRIST and showing the unconditional love, mercy and grace that Jesus gives us to someone else in Marriage


From Esther Topic: Scroll of remembrance I learnt that When u pray and u don’t get the answer immediate, it dsnt mean God has forgotten,He’s just waiting for the perfect time to answer.


Ajibola Oderinde Topic ws Dead faith. Lesson: We shld read nd knw d word for ourselves cos we re in d end times. James 2 :1-8; In all we are admonished to be prepared for the later times of ds world as spoken in the book of revelations

Cynthia So dis really pretty chick-woman shared in church 2day, and am kinda jealous of her husband cos she’s a bag of “awesome” anyways I learnt dat D purpose of creation is to be conformed to christ nd marriage is 1 sch dat’ll help u do dat.. U’ll learn aw to be merciful, cos u’ll av to show ur spouse lots of it..I mean wats d essence of been renewing d mind if der is no 1 to help tweak it a lil.. So don’t ever expect MR PERFECT on d love menu cos u won’t find him ;).. #marriage is WORK so if u want u cn WALK while u still cn


Oluwaseun ajijola Well, I thought there would be a second service…apparently there wasnt.


Aluko moses @mikeross2015 I learnt new tips about how to make relationship works #Lifegiva #LifegivaSunday


@victoryodunjo Service was awesome at CCI. I learnt that we should be fully prepared for marriage to make it work. We must also not expect our partners to be perfect, as the whole essence of marriage is to be more Christlike. The church of God isn’t perfect, and God loves us still, we must love our partners that way too.

I not only found Jesus but He found me & He's here to stay 😅😆 Jeremiah 1:5 #lifegiva #lifegivasunday

@onyieluvI not only found Jesus but He found me & He’s here to stay Jeremiah 1:5 #lifegiva #lifegivasunday

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