Leye Adetona @Leye_Detona: Came to church joyful today. Left full of Joy. The consciousness of my righteous standing in Christ did that to me. The word does that to me. Today was all about the Word and Prayer. Just feel like praying all day long now


Soji oyemomi. I learnt how important it is grow in god. Olaleye olushola. Ur prayer altar must neva burnout


Henry, Adekunle Osilaja & Mrs Obiozo


@Bimpizzle: Prayer stems from a deep understanding of who you are in Christ.


Seun Owolabi: Passive Christianity is an oxymoron. Christianity is agility! @theseunowolabi


Mercy Ebuetse: I always leave church blessed and today was no different. Service was great – I learnt that just like Jesus was consumed with the zeal of His fathers house we should have this same attitude towards the things of God, our father. Jesus is our perfect example, if he took time to pray and teach/study the word, we should also. We should be sober as the bible instructs (*watchful, grave…) awaiting the return of Jesus and in resisting the wiles of the enemy.


Henry obiozo:Be serious abt ur prayer life…1 gud way to be sober


@mayowa_semire The number one goal of the enemy is to fight against your knowledge of the word of God.


@Mykel_cruz: Evry christian owes d responsibility of evangelising God’s word. Shows true Christianity and anticipation of d 2nd coming.


@chica_f8t Chika Faith: I need to grow spiritually because I have an enemy the devil who wants to attack my understanding of God’s word and because Jesus is coming and I will account for everything I do


Alade Jesujoba: being sober and realising that there’s an enemy who’s after my understanding of God’s word.


@olubummi aidomojie When we live soberly, we cannot be subdued by evil.


Emmanuel Okorie and @Bimpizzle : service was as usual a time of fellowship. I learnt that a christian needs to be sober, ie fervent, focused. A christian also needs to give in to a study life and a life of effectual prayer.


Joy O: Steadfastness of faith resists the devil.


@adekunleosilaja Pray and pray, pray again and when you’re done-PRAY!

Dolapo Ajayi: The way to resist the devil is to be steadfast in the faith

Dolapo Ajayi: The way to resist the devil is to be steadfast in the faith


Oreoluwa Victoria Afuye @miss_orevic : We have a purpose to fulfill while on this earth… Living without knowing that purpose is a life without meaning, Happy Sunday y’all. #lifegivasunday

@SARAH_GODSWILL You have an enemy (the devil), because Christ is coming and when you're serious, you're resisting the enemy, so BE SOBER.

You have an enemy (the devil), because Christ is coming and when you’re serious, you’re resisting the enemy, so BE SOBER.


Meet the Irens


Chika and Laju



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