I’m sure you will agree with this cartoon that there are dangers that both accompany either coming early or late.

In today’s episode of Sunday Gist, Peace Vyncent shares an account of how her sunday service today went having been a steady late comer for a long time.

It’s another Sunday

And a remarkable one at that

First of I must confess that I have been a steady late comer since I moved here… *hands on my face*

I think I have a reasonable reason but I refuse to give it 😀

But today was different, I was super duper early

While i was Participating in the praise and worship session

It clicked that I hard almost forgotten what it was like to actually do that in a church

It’s not the worshipping am referring to

It’s the place in which it was happening

It felt like a reconnection, you know going back to where you first learnt

Before now I used to be particular about the song, I bet you understand what I mean, how some songs just hit you. Yup! That kind of thing

But this time I was more grateful than concerned.

Then the service went on… you know I confessed from the start that I haven’t been early to church so obviously can’t remember when last I sat so long from the start to the end but I tried like you don’t know how hard I tried to fight the sleep.

Lord it was sweet, that kind of sleep that if you eventually sleep it you’ll be grateful you did, yup! That type but thank you Father for the victory that was won over 2,000 years ago, I overcame by the blood of the lamb…


I know I am going to have an awesome week already…

I’ll definitely share with you as it comes to pass.

I just need you to note that, it doesn’t always have to be in the church but never stop worshipping and praising him in your own way..

Have a blessed week.

The comment space is awaiting the account of your service 😉 Kindly leave a comment. 

Happy Sunday.

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Tee Abraham

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