What is Church

Where do you queue?

Sooner or later we will still have to decide which kind of church we follow; “An inconvenient Truth” or “A Reassuring Lie”. 

I understand that some situations might limit our freedom of choice; living with our parents being a major one, but when you gain your freedom, choose wise, it determines your life. Or better still, fight for your freedom, it’s worth it.

Here is gist of one of the things I love most about church, Joy and Family spirit.

Church was thrown into a moment of ecstasy and unbridled joy when a commited, faithful and serving sister rang her wedding bells after so many years of waiting. The joy and gladness that filled the church was indescribable. Even I was almost brought to tears. The church was a little sad she was not having the wedding in our church. I think if it was going to b held in our church. It would have had d highest attendance for weddings. Considering pple dont easily go for weddings in my church. – Oshone Oshiogwemoh 

How was your service today? We can’t wait to hear your gist, Kindly share it in the comment section. 

Happy Sunday.

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