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What was amazing or funny about the service in your church that you will like to share? Or what kept you from attending.
Bdw, a friend suggested I title this series “Dear God, I kept myself awake in church by checking BBM status updates“.
I hope you guys real enough to “confess” your sins 😀 I’ll start by posting a comment #anticipate 😉
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  1. Service was awesome at my church today from start to finish, the praise and worship was hot and living. Choir led the church in a an hymn, “In Christ Alone”, it brought a reminder of God’s undying love for me, a message that was just timely.
    The word was “complete”, it was titled “The love of Jesus Christ”, to me and through me.
    I met with Jesus in service personally. Such a blessed sunday service. Though the AC was extra cold even in my suit, but the Service was too hot, so there was a balance 😀

  2. Praise the Lord, church was awesome, I had a nice time in God’s presence… I worshipped God with a small gathering of christians, the pastor preached about being distinguished and exceptional, using Joseph as example… It was a nice sermon, I didn’t even dose… And btw the church is in Ilorin, kwara state.

  3. Nah… Didn’t go to church

  4. Finally went to church after staying away for several weeks. I didn’t enjoy the sermon but I enjoyed the alter call for people struggling with habits that didn’t please God. I was really happy I participated and I believe God will put an end to that habit. I’m reaching out to anyone like me struggling with any habit that’s affecting his/her relationship with God, that God will also put an end to it. I made a step towards becoming a worker. Wishing everyone a fruitful week. Remember God loves you dearly…

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