smiley03This series of “THE BEST BUT UNNOTICED INVENTIONS” is just to make us realize and thus appreciate some of God’s creation that has gone unnoticed due to their minute or simile insignificant nature. I previously talked about “THE YAWN“. Today I will I will be practical in proving the beauty in the creation of a SMILE.

Yes! SMILE 🙂 , God created the smile, while talking to a friend one random evening, she asked me to take two pictures. One with a no facial expression and one with a smile and see the result.


You will agree with me that the difference is clear, in the picture without a smile I look like an hungry beggar, or a convicted criminal waiting for execution. Just imagine God did not create a smile, Imagine our default and only facial expression is just like me on d left, it won’t have been nice I bet you.

On seeing the result of my little experiment, I decided to do same for couple of my friends and I want you to be the judge of how brilliant the “invention of smile” is and its importance to human existence.








I bet you can judge the difference, God indeed is the master craftsman. The creation is just perfect.

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I want to welcome more pictures proving the beauty of a smile. Just take two pictures, one without any facial expression the other with your best smile. Tag us on Instagram @lifegivadotcom or send it to

Thank you for reading, I will love to see your comment.


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