For a long while now, I’ve struggled with the kind of messages that filled the media, Christian channels that used to be my favorite have posed risky to my spiritual walk with God, as preachers today are motivated by a lot of things that isn’t the Holy Spirit or the truth of God’s word.
Truth is scarce this days, yes, they all preach from the bible, but choose to say just things that satisfy their personal intentions. Whether that is intentional or innocent ignorance, that’s not my place to decide.
A friend sent me this video, and I feel strongly led to share it. Note that, it has nothing to do with the preacher, but everything to do with what he said in this video.
After watching, I want you to ask yourself this question; WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF CHRISTIANITY?

What should be the sole pursuit of a Christian? What should be the motivation behind all we do every moment of our life; how we live our lives?

I will be glad if you can answer that question, share your thought as a comment below, but after you watch the 3+ minutes video first.


Kindly remember to share. I’m looking forward to your contribution. 



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