Forest of dead trees in rural settingTo the best of my knowledge, the most widely preached message, not limiting this to the pulpit is LOVE. You hear seminar titles like; “Let love prevail” “The lifestyle of love”, “Let us love and not hate”, “Together in love”. The campaign to make the world a better and a habitable place has centred on the message of “LOVE”. Not romantic love this time, friendly brotherly love. This message has formed the centrepiece of most legendary songs like “one love” by Bob Marley. This has also been the sole motivator and theme of great revolutionist, philanthropists and freedom fighters like, Martin Luther King Jnr and Mother Theresa amidst others. They all kept asking for a world whose actions and inactions are filled, ruled and motivated by Love
But have you ever wondered or pictured a world with very little love? Let me help you out. First think about security; nothing and no one is safe, the street should be watermarked “HUMAN AND PROPERTY EXISTS AT OWNERS RISK”. What about justice; that must have been shown out of town long ago. Practically no or little law will be upheld, everybody will live for their selfish ambitions. True friends will be those that cheat on you and tell you after the deed is done with no remorse or guarantee that it won’t repeat itself. Everybody will practically live for themselves. Believe me, my description does not come 10% close to what will be the reality there. You might say a place like this does not exist, yes you are right, but a worse than this does.

I remember while watching a great movie; “THE ENCOUNTER”, the waiter and restaurant owner by the name Jesus described a place where there is no Love, no beauty, no hope, just torment.

You might say it is this world, because this world is in a big mess already, a place full of greed, poverty, selfishness, murder, abuse, chaos, wars and disasters, there is still sunshine on a spring day, starry night, gentle breeze, smell of flowers, song of birds, gift of friends, family and LOVE.
I want to call this place; the land of the dead, not that dead people live there, even though they are as good as dead, but because nothing lives there. It is always night.  Nothing good resides there and worse still Hope has given up hope on the land. This is the only place existing where no love exists.

That place is called HELL. Who can survive without love?

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Tee Abraham

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  1. Wonderful one bro. Sure no one wants exist in a place where “HUMAN AND PROPERTY EXISTS AT OWNERS RISK”. Shalom

  2. Wonderful one bro. Sure no one wants exist in a place where “HUMAN AND PROPERTY EXISTS AT OWNERS RISK”. Shalom

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