The plow before the vow, the act before the promise are now what constitute most relationships that lead to the gate where the real life journey begins- Marriage.

There’s an error in our family life. We’ve imbibed a culture that we cannot handle. And the values that kept marriages lasting, sex sacred and love abounding are dying. Almost every problem in our society can be traced back to the family life or background.

There is a decadence of sexual sin EVERYWHERE today!

It’s eating into our education, our music and dance, our fashion, our churches…So let’s have “The Talk” and straighten out some details;

Sex is a beautiful thing, it was created by God and like every other thing He made, He saw that it was good (although it has been abused, He hasn’t changed His mind). It wasn’t created to be shared with every peeping Tom, neither was it made to be self-serving (masturbation)

It’s a clear Biblical instruction that sex before marriage is not God’s will. He calls it fornication; Paul calls it a sin against one’s own body.

The beauty of sex is shown in the place of marriage, and our relationships today need to stat surviving without sexual relations.

Here’s why:
  1. Sex is not Love
  2. Sex can be bias- it can cloud your thinking, make you blind to each other’s flaws, reduce communication till all you have left is a sexual relationship
  3. Every sexual experience forms your sexual life or expectation. If you already have a conclusive definition based on your numerous encounters, it messes up your expectations of your spouse
  4. We would be left with pseudo-relationships, lust instead of love; relationships laid on the foundation on raging hormones and emotions instead of  love and commitment. Guys, It will CRASH!

Love is not void of emotion, neither is it led by emotion.
It is highly unhealthy for a relationship that is not marriage to already be blessed with sex. Be open, be free, communicate, know thy partner (study them), let love lead. Grow together in love for God and in love for one another. Avoiding sex before marriage can be done by God’s grace and strength ALONE.

Marriage is blissful, bed undefiled (among other things). If you’ve started defiling the sanctity of sex, get back to God and repair your mistakes.

Sex is very much worth the wait, SO WAIT!!!

God’s love keeps us alive, let love keep our relationships alive.

Written by: Dawn Ashiedu

Thank you for reading. I’m really looking forward to seeing your comments. Leave one below.

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