Do not use phone” or “Switch off your phone” during service sounds *yuck, an impossible statement in this age. In the smart phone and tablet devices age. Who carries a hard copy bible anymore?
I saw a poster in a church saying, “Using your phone in church is disrespecting the presence of God“. “Using” in this age might be interpreted as, “using a messaging, gaming, news application”, you know what I mean or using it at all in some churches definition.
I need your sincere opinion, when I say sincere, I mean, leaving your doctrinal and traditional background aside. Is it really bad? Pinging in church, checking up or Livescores or checking up the new stocks on 
I don’t know about you, but I use my phone when I don’t intend to gain anything in that service, or better rephrased; I don’t get anything from a service where I was too engaged with my Blackberry phone. Even using it for Bible might be cunning, I see your notification bar scrolling, Notification light calling for attention, your email uploading. The devil is pretty smart you know 🙂
Son the floor is open, be the speaker and the judge. Let the comments start rolling in. Share yours and counter others. Remember all you need to leave a comment is just either your name or your email address or you use your Facebook or twitter ID.
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