Do not use phone” or “Switch off your phone” during service sounds *yuck, an impossible statement in this age. In the smart phone and tablet devices age. Who carries a hard copy bible anymore?
I saw a poster in a church saying, “Using your phone in church is disrespecting the presence of God“. “Using” in this age might be interpreted as, “using a messaging, gaming, news application”, you know what I mean or using it at all in some churches definition.
I need your sincere opinion, when I say sincere, I mean, leaving your doctrinal and traditional background aside. Is it really bad? Pinging in church, checking up or Livescores or checking up the new stocks on 
I don’t know about you, but I use my phone when I don’t intend to gain anything in that service, or better rephrased; I don’t get anything from a service where I was too engaged with my Blackberry phone. Even using it for Bible might be cunning, I see your notification bar scrolling, Notification light calling for attention, your email uploading. The devil is pretty smart you know 🙂
Son the floor is open, be the speaker and the judge. Let the comments start rolling in. Share yours and counter others. Remember all you need to leave a comment is just either your name or your email address or you use your Facebook or twitter ID.
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  1. Honest opinion, I don’t think it very responsible “using” phone in church o! Of course I could take notes and read bible on it, but to ping, now that’s something else. Takes a lot of discipline though not to find yourself chatting or going through the notifications.
    Straight answer: no problems using gadgets apps as bible and note pads, but if u can’t discipline yourself to not be distracted, please stay off.
    N.B.: this applies not just to church, but in almost every other gatherings, shalom!

  2. I like what ololade said , it’s the truth. 🙂

  3. It takes som ppl ages 2 fish their phone out wen it rings in church. Isnt dt a dstraction? Put ur phone on vibration or better stil set it 2 d lowest tune it can produce. Even wen u r nt comfy wit wot its happening in d church u can stil endure afteral its jst 4 som hour. U dare nt allow ur phone 2 ring in d court of law. How much more ‘God’s presence?

    1. Hard truth Adefunke, If we won’t do it before men, then why God?

  4. In job35:5-12, Elihu was reminding job on how most of our activities do not affect God,most times we are the ones who dont gain at the end…Cos when we start using our phone to ping we begin limit what God can do in our lives during that service…Cos God iz rily in church…
    And if using the phone will make people stumble, then dont use it for even bible (romans15:1—)….(HONEST OPINION!!!)..
    @Tee Abraham: i really love your blog…more grace sir

    1. Very well spoken Enioluwa, those two points can’t be sidelined. Thank you

  5. I dnt tink its ryt to use ur fone. Either for bible purpose or otherwise. Lets be frank. Wen u use ur bible u might b tempted to check oda stuffs. DISTRACTION. want to use an electronic bible? Get a tablet. Level of distraction reduced.dats my own. U cld put it on silence

    1. I am happy you said “the level of distraction reduces”, it is not eliminated.

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